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Clicking out of screen randomly :/


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Anyone that plays in Window mode have problems with clicking out of screen Q_Q? I sometimes sturggle with it and click out of game that I have to alt tab back into the game.
I am tilted when this happens during raid or pvp.
OS: Win10 Pro
CPU: i7-3770k 3.40GHz
RAM: 8.00GB
Display: Generic PnP Monitor 1280x1024
Game Window: 1280x961 (Window 23px Start bar 40px)

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2 hours ago, PeacemakerOne said:

Have you more then one Monitor? Fullscreen Windowmode is buggy only true Windowmode or true Fullscreen can change this problem (Alt + Enter). 

I have no idea what is true windowmode and how to proc it, also I have 1 monitor.
But I just checked that in my ClientConfiguration file fullscreen is set to 0
    <option name='full-windowed' value='0'/>
So it should be in windowmode idk?

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