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12.13 KR Patch Earth Soul Fighter Changes Discussion


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So, Earth Soul Fighter got buffed in the recent KR patch.


-Breaking Claw now generates 1 focus on critical hit.

-Decreased the cooldown of Iron Shoulder (Earth) to 5 sec (from 6 sec).

-Requirements for Iron Shoulder (Earth) changed to "On hit with Cobalt Punch" (required critical hit before).


(Read patch notes here.)


What are your thoughts on this?

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SF need to stack chi somehow in pvp. for now he cant do this so there is no potental in V skill. feels like ELBOW SMASH MOVE 3 shuld have cd 3s with doing same things as now so we can stack chi with counters. 6s is so bad. counter with stun should be on same or 5s cd and MOVE 1 couter should have 1,5s CD If they would change only counter sf could survive/use v sometimes than just once per Z. He have also so long times on CC. its hard to catch enemy with one cc not gonna say about chain cc because its like imposible. enemy need to wait one stun and tab second stun and u are done for another rotaton when he will have tab back. C resist skill should not have count on resist like 5 times. most of classes can resist 5s or even more without counting hits. enemy can just attack you without punishment when you have C up. its retarded. Right punch should stack 2 energy per hit on move 2 like move 1. lmb is useless for frost not gonna say nothing about it idk what to change on lmb to be usefull. 30s cd on cancelling defense is also so long ( howling blase move 3) should be like 18s like others classes can cancel defense

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Yea, I agree we need a buff in PvP.  


Some suggestions for both elements for PvP:


-Chi levels 1-4 don't do much. It would be good if they provided small benefits similar to Chi level 5 which increases movement speed.

-Elbow Smash's cooldown times are too long. Move 1 should have a 2.3 sec cooldown, move 2 should be 5 sec, move 3 should be 4 sec.


Some suggestions for Earth (PvP + PvE): 


-Stacking Chi is impossible in PvP situation and takes too long for PvE compared to Frost. To solve this, Iron Shoulder should stack 2 Chi on a hit in Earth build.

-Breaking Claw's Critical Rate increase is too small at 1%, It should increase Critical Rate by 3% per stack.


I play Earth so I can't suggest much for Frost.

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