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  1. Hello. Can we have equipment choose on f12? This would be very nice, a lot of people want to choose one element and don't have opportunity to test wchich one is better for them.
  2. cant we have atleast pentas for about 60/80 energy? square is useless. unless we will be able to craft from them pentagonials :)
  3. If you think that sf is less playable because of HM skills then you are so ... btw new players can buy duelist bundle wchich cost around 700g and have almost all hm skills unlocked. its not about this. sf just dont have "it" what have all other classes have
  4. Every class gets a buff every bigger patch notes and there is nothing about SF. Sf currently is least played class pvp and pve. On 1v1 we can find maybe one or two players in top 100. What about TOI and other speed runs? Sf is also behind on this pirate thing instance compared to other classes. Best TOI sf killed lvl100 npc in about 1min when all others classes can do it in max 10s. There is something wrong..
  5. Overall changes: -glacial beam (4) should have 24s CD and should inflict 3s stun to enemies inflicted by Freeze like Ground Ripple Move1 -retreat (f) when you are on Martial Stance cooldown after use is 9s , if force stance 12s -howling blast (f) move 1 should have 16s CD -howling blast (f) move 3 should have 24s CD and when in use should work like sin C stun and be immune to cc during use of skill -elbow smash (1) move 1 should have 1,5s CD and reduce cooldown of Chi Burst by 5s on succesfull Rear Attack -elbow smash (1) move 2 should have 6s CD and counter front
  6. when they introduced bound crystals? i wasnt playing about one year. i want to see patch notes
  7. Where is that information about changes on naksun drops? i dont see any changes in last patch notes
  8. SF need to stack chi somehow in pvp. for now he cant do this so there is no potental in V skill. feels like ELBOW SMASH MOVE 3 shuld have cd 3s with doing same things as now so we can stack chi with counters. 6s is so bad. counter with stun should be on same or 5s cd and MOVE 1 couter should have 1,5s CD If they would change only counter sf could survive/use v sometimes than just once per Z. He have also so long times on CC. its hard to catch enemy with one cc not gonna say about chain cc because its like imposible. enemy need to wait one stun and tab second stun and u are done for another rot
  9. How i can get compensation like they said for MSP shields?
  10. craft boxes? u mean probably materials? where is this information about 17th january?
  11. Hello. Till when we will be able craft Thanksgiving box? Im off for a week holidays. Should i craft all of after next maintenance we can still do it for some time?
  12. this ss is not up to date or they just deleted breeze kick , beam cannon from ss?
  13. Anybody can link korean patch notes site? Been looking for it few hours and couldnt find it :(
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