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  1. which is easier frost sf or earth sf?

    Sounds like you need to go on a date with Ice SF. Earth is very ping depended like Wind KFM since you Ani-cancel from RmB to F, but Ice is still very ms depended during raids you will notice your RmB's will be significantly slower then usual. Start with Blue Moon Soul Badge so you don't have to worry about focus until you get decent crit, the others will be a matter of personal preference
  2. Because NcSoft has yet to nerf the main problems in general pvp. As long as they remain untouched you won't see any change in the meta even with the rework SF will remain in low tier.
  3. Soul Fighter Weapons?

    Correct, Soul Fighter always has 3 orbits around their left wrist regardless of the weapon. The only difference is visually Earth will be brown when attacking, while Ice will be a more darker blue, and will change red when you are at chi level 5. In short SF has KFM's weapon on their right arm, and Force masters Frost Orbits on their left.
  4. SF changes

    Overall I'm happy with the changes they did with SF my only complaints: 1) Swapping Ground Ripple (4) and Leg Sweep (3) was unnecessary and just messed up my muscle memory. 2) Moving Rising Dragon Strike to LmB was a mistake as well for PvE Earth users. You have to be careful not to press LmB when a boss is stunned or else you may accidentally launch the boss during your rotations.
  5. Regarding SF

    By all means I'm not telling him not to play the class that was just my opinion, by the end of the day the choice is his. As a SF main myself and current rank 36 SF in 1v1 I'm not going to "Sugar coat" the truth recommending one of the least played classes in the game, without giving him a "fair warning" as to why no one is playing the class (there's a reason it got a rework). You and I both know how much of a struggle SF is, it's a very expensive class, you pretty much need every single last HM ability, Soul Badge just to be "average- above average". If he plans on doing nothing but PvE like you then SF is Ok, but if he's looking for a more well-rounded class where he can go to PvP or PvE at will I would strongly suggest another class.
  6. Regarding SF

    My personal opinion I wouldn't recommend Soul Fighter right now in Blade and Soul's current meta heavy situation. PvE: Soul Fighter is a decent class over all ,but requires a lot of work and effort for very poor results compared to other classes, Like mentioned earlier Early, and Mid game you will struggle since not many people will be looking for a SF in their groups, plus their dps is about average ,only at end-game content will you finally see some love, many players say SF is always wanted in end game, but getting one up to end game is no" walk in the park" it will be a long struggle, where Warlock ,and Assassin will easily find groups from early to mid, and end game. PvP: Right now with the recent patch release SF is the worst class for Arena match (was gunner but they just got a buff).Soul Fighter is not a class you want to pvp with your defense ability is on a very long cool down leaving you wide open for attack will other classes can safely spam their's SF does not have a grapple break so Blade Dancer's, Destroyer's and Force Master's will abuse their grabs so you'll have to be mindful of that. In General Soul Fighter requires a lot of Skill and Effort and that's not where Blade and Soul is right now, player's are playing the Laid back Easy win classes, and I would hate to see other players get frustrated in this meta heavy game , maybe when the SF rework gets here you can pick up Soul Fighter just not right now, there are much better options
  7. If it's arena help you need I don't mind lending a hand just add LewdZero (SoulFighter main). I'll teach pvp basics depending on your class ,but if your referring to open world battle grounds (6v6). I would suggest you stay away from there until you reach end game, it's nearly impossible for new players to have any type of success since over geared whales patrol there killing everyone in 1 hit.
  8. class is over

    Hmmm I know you don't like it ,but I would suggest changing to Warlock. In my opinion it's the best class in the game extremely powerful no matter where you place it PvP: In 1v1 the class dominates the competition and is one of the top 3, Warlock is a must have class in 3v3's the world championship pretty much proved that, the ability to reset everyone's abilities multiple times is just too good to pass up. PvE: In PvE it's still a must have class everyone ,and their grandma wants a Warlock in their party/raid just for their Soul Burn buff, thus it's very easy (effortless) for warlocks to find a party/raid. But if you really can't stomach standing in one place then I would recommend Assassin. Sin is also a jack of all trades class like warlock PvP: This class comes in 2nd of the Top 3 best classes in game for PvP, No one can compete with their mobility and mix-ups PvE: Very High DPS class ,also has 2 very important utilities that makes Party/Raid finding much easier. 1) is their Party Blue Buff which drastically increases the entire party's dps. 2) Their Party I-frame which comes in handy when fighting very powerful boss attacks. I would suggest KFM since they also have the party Blue buff ,and a tank is a very important role in PvE ,but KFM falls short when it comes to PvP. Like many other classes KFM is countered very hard by the very 2 classes I'm suggesting. Those are my suggestions so you will kill your time efficiently, and not handicap yourself with another low tier class. Well farewell my SF brother I hope this helps with your decision LewdZero~
  9. You my friend you could not be more incorrect... FM is one of the 3 top tier broken classes, they have soooooooo much utility at their disposal to keep them alive that it's honestly not fair compared to some of the other classes. Impact - Your defense ability, you resist projectiles and Melee attacks on hit also causes a 10m knockback ,and has no cooldown, which makes it very spammable (If you don't like Impact you should try SF or Gunner's defensive abilities. Up for .9 of a second and down for 6 seconds leaving these two wide open for punishment.) Frost Orbit- on hit the opponent will receive 1 chill stack per hit ,and frozen in place on 3 stacks pretty much the best anti-melee set up in game since they won't be able to use their rush abilities ,with decreased movement speed. Divine Veil- You resist all projectiles while inside ,regain 10% of your hp ,and damage is reduced by 20% while still inside. Frost Sheath- on hit you will enter frost sheath ,thus making you completely immune to all damage and status effect for 5 seconds or until you break free by pressing the F key. Frost Armor- FM will resist damage and status effects ,again but for 10 seconds or until is broken with F key, heals for 5% of health (depending on which you spec) Second Wind - Your main tab escape no need to go into detail. Backstep - Can be spec to give the FM a second escape if they have already used their main escape, also moves back 14m Frost Tornado - Use if your having trouble with defensive abilities as it breaks defense for 6 seconds ,and offensive-defense (Spins for BD and Destro) for 4 seconds FM is extremely powerful in Arena , I would suggest you play more patiently as they have even more I could mention (wall bang) ,but this is a good stopping point.
  10. Alternate GS, Bm, or BD?

    For PvE: 1) Gunner- Highest dps in the game, very easy class, and high ping friendly. 2) Blade Master- If you don't mind tanking bosses for your party or raid group, you can easily find parties since everyone needs a tank, and has pretty decent dps. 3) Blade Dancer- Just a plain mid dps class you can use your grab to let party members dps bosses without worry, also has a party i-frame, but not many groups look for BD's in general as other classes are on a much higher demand. For PvP: 1) Blade Dancer- Very versatile class hard to punish due to their parry spin, and 2 i-frames. 2) Blade Master- Well rounded class, but their block makes them more stationary, and many classes can punish their blocks leaving them defenseless 3) Gunner- Glass Cannon class, can really dish out some damage, but can't take a hit their guard is on a very long cooldown (like SF) leaving them wide open for punishment for a very long time, the reload is a huge a-frame where smart players can punish. I would suggest BM as they seem more well rounded then the other 2.
  11. Awww PvE Let me know when there is a PvP update for SF they need one badly.
  12. Fix the sf lotus skill in arena !!!

    Agreed, It can get annoying during a match.
  13. What's the PVP tier list right now?

    Warlock, Force Master, Assassin. There you go.
  14. Best class for 100-120 ms in game

    You should make a Gunner if your primary focus is PvE, very High dps for PvE, Easy to use, not ping dependent just hold RmB for damage, and press LmB to recover focus. Make a Warlock if you wish to PvE and PvP.