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Acquired Taste - Newbie QA


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Hi Guys,


I am new to BnS and recently noticed that there is very little food that will give buffs for players under 50. I saw lucky dumpling for example ( given as bonus for training) but what about other options. One the Marketplace I saw things like Spicy Herbal Ox Noodle Soup, Peppered Gnarlhorn Meatball, and Herbal Fried Chicken. I wanted to craft these items and forums mentioned provision boxes that drop from different dungeons and "recipes". Is this still accurate?

Also, I see the item for sale in the marketplace, so it is still being produced. Can someone give me clarification on crafting for Acquired Taste? 

Than you

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Nooo... WHY? I can't understand having items unavailable for players and crafters that will help those below level 50. I can't craft anything to assist. What was the point in getting rid of those items and not replacing it?


Any ideas and thanks for replying?


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