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Help me guys Error 2015


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Guys Help me plz when i open the launcher and press play it moves a little then it says [Update error] can not open File.

Please check whether the file is being used by another programe or an anti virus  is denying acces




contents/bns/CookedPC/00014673.upk                   and when i tried to delete it it sais that the file is damaged so plz help guys and if u can send me the same file so i can past it and see i evn tried to repair it but still the same problem so plz guys



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31 minutes ago, PhoenixMitra said:



No problem, try sending an email directly to support@bladeandsoul.com.


Good luck!

i think the probleme is solved bro i followed the instructions in the spprt page and now it's in repair i think i'll tell u when it finish Thx a lot <3 <3

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