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Scared Summoner...


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Hey everyone,


I've returned from a really long hiatus and I wish to play my summoner a little more. I chose this class due to my 8-9 fps and high ping. Now I've read up on the recent changes a little and understand there are no 'builds' anymore? However I just can't decide between a wind and an earth summoner, I tried both a little and I don't seem to have a preference. Which build is better in terms of PvE or does it not matter much? I don't care about dishing out the most damage, I just want to be able to solo efficiently and also be useful to my party.


Does it matter what moves I choose on my trainable skills? I really can't make out which are the better options so I'm just randomly picking whatever. I feel like such an idiot to be honest. Are there any experienced summoners that can help me out? I am currently using Ivorymoon since I salvaged my old weapon. Which weapon and badges do Summoners go for? I am just so confused with all the abbreviations and new information that I just can't make out what to do.


I'm sorry for the stupid questions but any and all information is more than welcome. Are there up-to-date guides anywhere?



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As soon as you said 8-9 FPS and high ping I immediately knew you need to go earth build. Its the most friendlist with ping. Its also best for PvE, too. Wind is fun but you need good ping and gear for it to matter. I'm an earth summoner.


This is my build: http://prntscr.com/h1k1ap


Weapon doesn't matter much. Just go baleful. Badge wise Magnum or Alluvion. Alluvion if your ping is really high. Mystic badge enigma or revelation. I use revelation.


If you have more questions feel free to message me on discord. Ayla#1487



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