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How in the actual Hell is a FM supposedly the "Hard counter" to Summoner? Because according to an experienced top tier, the opposite is true. Instead its Summoner hard counters FM!


Divine Veil means nothing, Summoner can damage through it regardless. Frost Armor? HA! You'll just put a gap between yourself and the Summoner (along with putting the cat between you and the summoner which is exactly what they want!) use the 30% regen? You just delay the inevitable since they can damage you stupid crazy fast. Tab on their cat sit? Like it matters! They can tech chase you immediately after and screw you over faster than you can say "oops". Then use your SS? Again, you put the cat between you and summoner, screwing yourself yet again. Hit them with 3? They have two escapes available, not to forget to mention the cat and stun you at anytime instantly messing up whatever combos you had in mind. Try to out PVE them? You won't. One air combo can easily knockout 50-70% HP. And good luck trying to wall bang! Absolutely best of luck to you. The second you phantom grip their cat is already sitting on you. Don't even get me started on their True Friend skill. The second they get that up, its wrecking time!


Long story short, I've tried literally every FM trick in the book and nothing! Absolutely nothing I do matters. The class is literally designed to kill FM!

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Im putting myself into this even tho im not playing summy anymore as main... So, your only problem is the fact that the class you picked is a "hard-time" competitor, even though the difficulty of the class itself is not considered similar to assassin or kfm. To play FM and benefit from the class, you need to put much more effort than any other ranged class. Warlock damage used to be hell op, now its fine as it is. Summoner used to be op with the cat and everything, in particular situations its still considered op, but hell, youve got to remove its cat completely to satisfy you and then ofc it would be poor class (a.k.a complete sh1t). Not going into gunslinger cause that crap is op as hell now as any other class during release phase. 


From my own experience, during pvp matches against ranged classes Ive experienced weak opponents and then strong ones as hell - but none of them who played their summy or wl pretty well, was as competitive as really experienced FM. It is designed now to be "high-effort" class, cause its not the typical mage class you just cast storms and hellfires around and slain people in 2 hits. 


To be honest, the idea from your other topic to nerf all the classes, so you can be advantaged is really poor idea. Something that devs would not even think about. 

Your problem is that summy is counter-class to fm? hell ye it is. But not in the way youve got no chance to win at all. Summoner is 2v1 so its definately an advantage against any class, but not everyone can learn the techniques easily, cause you have to focus on 2 toons instead of one in the battle, and some people just cant synchronize their focus. If your cat dies youre screwed, theres not many summoners who can definately say they dont need a cat to win, since the cat is the half of the skillset and has the most important skills the class offers.


Im not gonna say "git gud" or other crap, I ll get right to the thing - if you do not like the fact you cant easily win against summoner, or you dont enjoy fm enough to put more effort and train harder, just give it up and choose other class, maybe its just not your playstyle or you overrated the class with your expectations. Good luck!

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A few things you're doing wrong


When you phantom grip the summoner don't forget to knock down their pet with tab so they wont chase you, yeah i know you didnt know that skill exists lol.


Always keep a chill stack on the pet so it cant get near you -most of the time- unless your positioning is bad


Abuse your impact when the cat doesn't have chill stacks on, its really easy to predict when they are going to launch at you



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