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Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

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Please yes,increase the rewards from dungeons and daily challenge.Those things are insufficient! I agree with the other things too.Good points.

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I love those ideas but...I played it Taiwan server. They give one lv 50 character and extra character slot for free. But...biggest change is. They don't have 1,10,100 or 1000 gold box from daily challenge. Instead of it they have heavenly energies. At least 4 with chance to get more after completing 3 daily challenge quest. 

What those energies for? Buy RNG pouches. One of pouches is focused on materials. Second on hexagonal gems. Third on legendary accessories. 4 is for badges. There are more stuff like exp charms and so on to buy using heavenly energies, but I care only about those 4 pouches. Each of them is worth 4 heavenly energies. Wish for hexagonal diamond? No problem. Do daily challenges, buy pouch and you might get it? Same goes for badges and legendary jewelry. 

I wish for those changes to come to Europe and NA. Who knows. Maybe we'll get them. Cause everything what's in Taiwan later comes to us...unless their daily challenge was always like that. Still I'm not losing hope. And hope that this system comes to us

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Btw. I Dont understand this... Why we are need much more exp than Korea. I could understand high exp needed for HM15-20 cause its latest content but for 10-15...it could be lowered and exp charms 2x 1 million given from daily challenge. Or make lv50 dungeons give normal amount of exp. Not 1 exp/kill. Why it matters? Well there are no players above HM17. highest I've seen was HM16. My idea would be letting everyone reach previous content hongmoon levels without effort but latest ones being hard to reach as they are now. 

And another thing. Taiwan has HM25 max. I bet its ~1 billion exp from HM24 to 25...with current gains of exp no one will ever reach it and when they do max HM will be 30+. 

In Lineage 2 insane exp is fine cause you can farm monsters for like 200.000 or 1 million exp each also number of quests you can do/day is not limited. While in blade and soul all you have is 40dailies\day and some exp from dynamic quests but that's like...2million/day exp max? And you need like 400million to go from 19 to20. Thats like 200 days just for that. And you need to farm like at least 10 hours/day everyday to reach it. Yeah...to reach HM20 from HM1 you need ~1billion exp. That's 500 days of 10h+\day farming. Oh but before you reach it max HM will become 25...then 30 and so on. I know reaching max level should be hard but there is huge difference between hard and impossible.

P.S If I remember correctly for us is near 2 billion from HM1-20. 

1Billion is for Korea. 

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