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  1. 1. Add more ways to complete the daily and weekly challenges! This includes: - get (insert amount) of captures! (objectives) - get (insert amount) of kills - get (insert amount) of deflections (stopped others from capturing/mid capture) - get (insert amount) of overall damage on enemy opponents! - survive (insert amount) of near death encounters! - get (insert amount) of kill assists! (opponent CC'd/grappled by you, gets killed by another player) - get (insert amount) of Battle Points! - play (insert amount) of matches! (the no afk will enable this to w
  2. So apparently KFM's "glory badge" allowed for instant comet strike after tremor move 1 and 3. This "issue" is how KFM does their damage in 6v6 and ncsoft taking it away makes the fire element next to useless. You allow Warlock to have untabbable combos and let classes like destroyer do tons of instant damage in a convenient way yet KFM gets the attention? I know we're not dealing with the world's best development team but i find it amazing how ncsoft can ignore the broken "issue" with Force Master's game plan of infinite stalling yet focus on the only viable kill tactic fire KFM has.
  3. I know i rarely give "positive" feedback. That's mostly because it's hard to see the positives when you're drowning in negatives but this stood out. THANK YOU to whoever decided to return the legendary jewels/elements back to the menu. Thank you for listening and providing us with 3 ways to obtain these much needed materials away from trove.
  4. Because it's broken by design and there is no logical or rational defense for it to exist in a player versus player environment. It's not competitive, it's not fair, there is no counter, there is no answer. It requires no effort, no skill, no talent, no condition. It's only prerequisite is range which is much too far for how powerful it is and there is no downside to using it. It wastes time, it forces tab, it's cool down is WAY too quick and overall it's broken. Any other game worth it's salt in pvp would not allow phantom grip (or assassin stealth) without giving it severe restri
  5. Well at least in pvp FM flirts with the fine line between broken and overpowered. You literally can't be killed unless jumped, aerial or one shot. In arena...well phantom grip, two tabs, set play cool down rotation, impact, freeze and approach block (with camera lock), health restoration, two invincible body shield skills and great movement skills. What do you expect to be? You're basically asking to be a second warlock...good at literally everything. You ranged classes are already spoiled as hell, this is LITERALLY THE ONLY MMO that let's you have it your way like it's burger king. You don't
  6. i'm with you but who are we kidding? ncsoft wouldn't give a damn if they we're charitable beavers. they're about as anticonsumer as the ceo of a scam artist company and about as caring as a selfish sociopath. common decency for paying customers is a foriegn language to them and expecting anything more of them is the folly of a fool's adventure.
  7. All jokes aside, marriage is okay but joint skills is a hell to the no. We don't need a team of WL/GUNNER couples in 6v6. PLUS, you can't have a game with a marriage system if there is no HOUSING! Literally everyone is homeless in this game and it's dumb as hell how this is one of the few MMO's with not even a hint of housing in it.
  8. This is your 3rd post advertising this little LINE group.
  9. The system is essentially set up to where you pay twice for the same outfit. Once for the initial purchase and double for the colors. You never feel like an owner, more like a renter since you're not free to do what you want with it without going through the middle man first. So yes, it's another anti-consumer practice NCSOFT is famous for. It's pathetic and unless i hit the lottery or land on the daily dash space enough times, i'll NEVER buy a color for an outfit. I implore you all to not buy but....asking gamers to be smart with their money is about as useless as suggesting ANYTHING.....on t
  10. You do realize you're unwittingly asking for another loot box item right? Aura's behind a crappy rng system, will be THE ONLY WAY you get to keep your shiny. I say, kill it dead and we'll eventually get over it. YES i also have the true heart and enjoy it's aesthetic appeal but it's ncsoft and they wouldn't give us a damn if the damn saved us from a burning building.
  11. Just saying......do we really have to wait until another patch update? I won't hold my breath but seriously......it would really help.
  12. It can be proved by searching the websites and seeing the constant complaints. It can be proved by reading the chat and seeing the constant complaints. There has been numerous and active complaint threads on this very topic EVERY... SINGLE...DAY since it's release. You're being willfully ignorant but you ARE entitled to your opinion. I just wouldn't bet money on it. You also claim this some how hurts whales but benefits casuals? You're about as RIGHT as the direction LEFT. That couldn't be further from the truth and how exactly does grinding 3000 plus powders help a casual? That's
  13. I wouldn't hold my breath on that. This game is called BLADE and SOUL. You will spend a fortune in time or money(most cases, both) to get these max.
  14. Did you get your tax return yet? Wanna beat anything(or anyone) in the game with no effort? Make a gunner and spend 2000 dollars on the next trove. If you spend it right, you can blow away anything and everything in mere seconds or less. Don't believe me? Look at ToI leaderboards! Problem solved!
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