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  1. Legendary Jewels

    Yep trove. This trove will have all the goodies you want and prolly won't get much of like: 1. pvp mats 2. new pve weapon mats 3. legendary jewels and elements This is what you should expect to get: 1. evolved stones 2. moonstone crystals at gold sinking prices 3. crits that have the same useless crap you seen in the last 6 crits.
  2. Overpowered Classes

    I played all classes and i can assure you the ONLY class that requires actual skill is KFM. I actually have experience with fighting games and balancing unlike the majority of you and have attended and placed in tournaments in street fighter, tekken and guilty gear. Granted this game is nothing like them, but i understand meta and fundamentals. What i'm telling you is KFM is the only class that requires high skill. As far as offense is concerned, they must outplay you EVERY TIME. If you struggle with hongmoon block and don't understand the timing in their iframes, it means you're not serious about pvp or you suck. There is no tangible proof or evidence or video you can show to back up the claim that KFM doesn't require THE MOST skill. I challenge anyone to prove their point. You won't, you'll just post some BS and go on as if it holds water. I watch some of the top players play all classes and every class is balanced around gimmicks and shenanigans. Most classes weren't developed with skill in mind which is why most of your skills AUTO LOCK ON or AUTO CORRECT. INSTANT CAST with devastating results, shields and A.I. companions. Now if hongmoon block actually stunned you, then yes...you can talk all the crap you want and i'll agree, but it doesn't.
  3. Back Ledendary ELement and Jewel to 20g/each

    This also furthers the gap between ultra whales and everyone else. Let's say you get lucky and get the new belt. How are you going to level it to max? Spend 3x the amount it would normally cost or wait for trove. Only pretentious and illogical people will tell you to grind. Ignore them, their intelligence level is severely lacking. I could grind a dungeon 100 times and still not have enough to max out a legendary accessory and I HAVE GRINDED JUST THAT. It doesn't work, and is massively unhealthy and barely conceivable.
  4. I'd also like it back but who am i kidding? They want that trove/tax return money. The only thing ncsoft puts thought towards, is how to introduce more pay events.
  5. Please put this game available on steam

    This is also the reason why BnS won't go to ps4. Console gamers are much more vocal and unforgiving.
  6. Gold making strategies

    The best way to make gold in this game is to whale out! save up around 8 thousand dollars and wait for trove. Once trove hits, max out pet and soul as this is the absolute best times to do this. spend 1k on trove keys and around 1k on gold. Look at the market and buy up all lucrative mats. Keep what you need and sell the rest. Join a mid tier raid and stay with them until you get both BT accessories. Max those out with your mats. Then buy VT run from whale clans and purchase your badge, necklace and weapon mat. If you can get soul shields and divine grace stones...buy those too. Run TOI until you get all the medals for your legendary badge merge. Then spend any money you have left on maxing out your gems. If you've done this right, you'll no longer need to spend much money as you'll be able to actually join one of those whale clans and SELL VT RUNS YOURSELF. This will get you enough to fund your pvp progression and anything else you want. Long story short, you need to sell runs. If you're super whale, you'll average around 20 to 30k gold on your character at all times because anything you get you can just sell since you no longer need mats. Just remember, to STAY A WHALE because that's the only real way you can go F2P afterwards.
  7. 50 box RIP off

    I'd like to apologize for not doing my part in warning potentially new people to NOT BUY these RNG boxes. Expect more in the next event, if the next event isn't the almighty trove itself. Ya know, to help all of you having problem with getting legendary elements/jewels. LOL!!!!
  8. Legendary Element/Jewel Changes

    I've been saying it for weeks. They're trying to get us to leave the game so they can justify, closing the servers. At this point, expect yet another RNG box next event and possibly trove. This is standard cash out practice. MARK MY WORDS!!!!
  9. Overpowered Classes

    Did........did you just say KFM is broken but force master is balanced? You're either trolling, really don't understand pvp or blissfully negligent. No one with any amount of recognizable skill will even remotely agree with you. As far as BROKEN is concerned WL and GUNNER need the most looks. As far as overpowered is concerned force master is number one on that list, followed by assassin and a few others. KFM is only considered OP or broken to REAAAAALLLLLY bad people and i'm backed in my statements by top players who compete and win at tournaments. Learn to FM because you're nearly invincible at max gear, can wall bang, heal, disable approach moves, knock back indefinitely, two tabs, phantom grab, two ice shields and can stall.....multiple opponents....on a game breaking level. Force master walks a VERY THIN line between broken and overpowered.
  10. For this week's rotation: NO old/ugly cosmetics!

    Listen, they're not able to sell you anything you want, when it can be placed inside an RNG box. The biggest mistake you can make is actually telling them what you'd be willing to buy.
  11. simply guiding the left analog stick backwards in a half circle will give you unwanted SS (backdash). I've repeatedly complained about this issue and it seems no one is reading or acknowledging this on going issue crippling the already subpar controller usage. To remedy this issue, SS or backdash should be assignable to a button. This is literally the only way to prevent this type of misread in inputs.
  12. Now we see the REAL reason this game isn't on steam. The reviews will rip it to shreds!
  13. @post above me: Makes sense but that flirts dangerously on victim blaming. This was a poorly made event, plain and simple. Take out the pvp, you still have 18 seconds on a wheel with RNG tied to it. You still have pinchy bombs the trolls can troll with. Ignoring your player base is almost as anti company as racism. Only difference is, one will reach the media and the other won't.
  14. Blade and soul not mate

    tell us how you feel about it
  15. Hell no you don't! And even though the scenario you're speaking of is unlikely but it IS very possible and that's just pure effery. Which is why i believe we're being trolled. They ruined our christmas, they ruined our second anniversary and now they're ruining our valentine's day event. Back to back loot boxes to add insult to injury. Tax season is coming up so they go OD on the anticonsumerism. You spend hours playing the game a day all to be tempted by some outfits that will cost you around 100 something dollars to wear for a day or so before you're bored seeing yourself and everyone else with it.