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Gunshots in the Selection Character


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umm i think its not big of a deal! you only have to click the start button for 1 sec. and do you really need to hover your mouse for so long just to select a character? ( "unless you have some kind of fetish doing it repeatedly ")  but hey who am i to judge. <3   

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Of course it isn't that big of a deal^^

I am not rly bothered by it that much either.

I just hapend to find out so I am reporting it x3


The thing is: it is still a bug and if you break it down to the simplest things, it is a problem/mistake wich originally shouldn't exist^^

Even if it is only a minor thing.

Also, how is NCSoft ever going to find out about it, when noone tells them "beacause it is not a big deal"?


Ofc, worse things first, but the small Details are, in my opinion at last, the difference between an A-Rank game and an S-Rank game ;)

Because eventually, even the small things can pile up to a huge mountain x)





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