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  1. i got a very good idea! Pls stop playing your summoner at level 10 , can you level it atleast to LVL 13 thats it..
  2. Actually.... No if your one of those who played in beta should know this >.< sunflower was way too awesome back then and that no way for the cat to out dps the summi's.
  3. ( Q ) spec it to "TAUNT" enemy it has an 12 sec cooldown, once expire try using ( X ) true friend " Resist " until the taunt is up again. just make sure your cat successfully taunt/aggro steal before you hit the boss/mobs. HF
  4. hmm! interesting.. can u try poharan in blackram supply chain ( it should be very easy ) but you need to be blindfold and also u must be solo.
  5. try re-format your pc to windows 7 , and removed that 1 4gb dimms and used 8gb memory and set it up to use dual channel, also buy a graphics card.
  6. go to jadestone village , you will see a gate near old cho house then enter it ^^
  7. umm i think its not big of a deal! you only have to click the start button for 1 sec. and do you really need to hover your mouse for so long just to select a character? ( "unless you have some kind of fetish doing it repeatedly ") but hey who am i to judge. <3
  8. hi, 1st and the most important thing is how to play the class, the warlock is the most sought support class atm ( bec Soulburn ). if you're gonna start from scratch and not gonna spend RL cash i'll tell you honestly that it will be slow but only if you dint play hard. right now just prioritize on how to get to level 50 by doing main quest and do not waste any gold that you receive along the way you'll gonna need it for the most important part ( weapon ). at current system getting legendary weapon is easy to get but advancing it in higher stage is diff matter though. im a solo player when i
  9. Me vs Assasin and loose = pls nerfed assasin Me vs Destroyer and loose = pls nerfed Destroyer Me vs ForceMaster and loose = pls nerfed ForceMaster Me vs BladeMaster and loose = pls nerfed BladeMaster Me vs BladeDancer and loose = pls nerfed BladeDancer Me vs Summoner and loose = pls nerfed Summoner Me vs Warlock and loose = pls nerfed Warlock Me vs KungfuMaster and loose = pls nerfed KungfuMaster Me vs SoulFighter and loose = pls nerfed Soulfighter Me vs ... wait ... hmm what character did i played? doesnt matter pls nerfed = ( ? )
  10. hi there ^^ just try another browser , i also face the same problem with google chrome but when i tried with edge it works. hope it helps :)
  11. Shattered Mast , Sogun lament , Gloomdross this 3 dungeon has it but forgot which item they drop >.< . for SS im not sure hope some pro here help you about that, atm im using msp ss with 3 part asura ss
  12. hi there! and wb :) , try to follow the main story quest just start from there, salvage the weapon that you currently have and get the ivory weapon, and get some pinacle accessories that should be good until your ready for legendary .
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