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  1. All in the title, Dynamite (Wind Archer) is not boosted by my Aransu Stage 9. After 10 seconds, it will be capped to 450.000 dmg (10% of default 4.500.000). With the weapon's boost, it should be near to 1.000.000 or more with a proper burst. Someone said the same for Fireworks (Light). Here's a pic just after doing my burst:
  2. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    TLDR; Alpha Call has to be done at the end of Soulburn, because Warlock can choose to Time Distortion 5 sec after SB or to delay it at the end of SB, depending other classes. So, Alpha Call is cast only during long fights. Yes, Alpha Call resets Time Distortion too ;)
  3. Do the M'ao gloves even exist any more?

    First try with my new main, didn't even killed Mao that I've already got gloves :/ I don't want Necklace so it's ok. 50+ runs on my (ex)main and no glove.
  4. This game needs an overall DPS nerf :)
  5. Warlock Void Slash not working properly

    And Void Slash airbornes on PvE bosses like in Heaven's Mandate.
  6. Or allow DPS meter on any training dummy ;)
  7. Warlock still can't use V skills in simple mode

    You're believing wrong. It is a bug. New skills (same for Singularity and other PvP skills) during Quell have nothing about being part of DPS rotation of the Simple Mode RB and should be available even in Simple Mode. But as I've already written a lot of new skills have wrong casting condition in Simple Mode, as Ravaging Curse (2) having same casting condition than Incantation (LB).
  8. Warlock fixes that need to be applied

    Yes, the famous 0.1 sec cast time added to the fact that Leech is "blinking", making the cast even harder than before Awakening patch and the fact the Leech and RB share the same cooldown (so you can't ani cancel it with RB).
  9. Hello dear NCSoft and team Bloodlust. After the Awakening rework of the Warlock, there is a bunch of problems that mess up the new Distortion and Scourge Warlock specifications. There are already some threads about it: I want to add some problems not mentioned here and here. First, for both Distortion and Scourge: * Leech (Normal/Simple mode): Leech is available when Soul Shackle (Distortion only, because it doesn't exist anymore in Scourge despite the skill description) or a RMB (both builds) hits the target. But when you do another skill, like 4 (Dragon Call, Dragon Helix), Leech is disabled again, making the Leech skill "blinking" during rotation. As the Leech skill is hard to be cast (a simple tap on the F key doesn't work well, even harder if you're doing your rotation), it's pretty hard to cast it quickly when it's available. -> Solution: rework the cast condition of Leech to make it easier to cast, like a RMB or a Soul Shackle. Rework the way how the Leech is available by adding an invisible self buff that lasts 2 or 3 seconds on every successful RMB skill (Bombardment/Volley/Charge/Salvo and Awakened variations) making the Leech available during this buff. * Disabled Leech during Soulburn (Simple mode): Leech is absolutly not displayed during Soulburn in Simple mode. Maybe it made sense before Awakening patch, but now the Leech cooldown reduction is so powerful on both builds that we can safely cast Leech during Soulburn and get it again when Soulburn is over. Plus, some gameplays would benefit of Siphon during SB. Yes, it does. -> Solution: It would be good to stop disabling Leech during Soulburn in Simple mode. * Void Slash (Normal/Simple mode): It seems that Void Slash doesn't airborne in Tower of Infinity and does it in PvE dungeons like Heaven's Mandate. -> Solution: Make sure that PvP state is true when it's actually PvP or change the way the Airborne is applied. Maybe it should be wise to just disable Airborne effect on Boss instead of making Airborne available only in PvP, as the boss state already exists (Boss Attack Power)? Now, for the Scourge: * Ravaging Curse (Normal/Simple mode): While Soul Shackle is ani-cancelable by any 4 (Dragon Call/Dragon Helix) or RMB skill, it is easy to cast it during rotation. Now, on Scourge, we have Ravaging Curse that is not ani-cancelable by 4 (Dragon Helix), surely harder to cast than Soul Shackle during rotation. Going deeper in research, it seems that Ravaging Curse have same cast condition and global cooldown of the RMB skill Incantation (maybe explaining why it's harder to cast than Soul Shackle). -> Solution: Make cast condition and global cooldown of Ravaging Curse similar to Soul Shackle. * Primal Force Soul Badge and fused Soul Badges (Normal/Simple mode): We can see that when we spam the new RMB skill during Siphon, with the Primal Force Soul Badge and its fused variations, Salvo is available after Dragon Helix hits the target BUT with a delay (server delay, I suppose). This delay "forces" the cast of a Volley/Charge/Salvo just before the Soul Badge effect actually applies. It's not really a bug, but here I've a suggestion. -> Solution: To make sure that Salvo is available just after a Dragon Helix, the Soul Badge effect should be activated when Dragon Helix is cast and not when it hits target. There was a similar tuning on Summoner with Rosethorn making instant Rumblebees available "after hitting the target", changed to "after Rosethorn is cast". * No Mortal Coil in rotation (Simple mode): Now that Mortal Coil is the Bracelet skill, it should be fair to be included in Simple mode rotation. -> Solution: Include Mortal Coil in Simple mode rotation (with proper cast conditions, please). * Awakened Salvo (Simple mode): Awakened Salvo is not displayed when it's in cooldown. There is a problem here, because the Simple mode rotation actually cast normal Volley/Charge/Salvo when Awakened Salvo has been cast and is in cooldown, delaying the cast of the next Awakened Salvo and, in some conditions, the availability of the next Awakened Dragon Helix. Furthermore, disabling the display of Awakened Salvo when it's in cooldown negates the benefit of the GCD adjustment related to ping. -> Solution: In Simple mode, just don't disable the display of Awakened Salvo when it's in cooldown, as the way Awakened Bombardment is working. That's all for me ! Have a nice day
  10. A6 with basic accessory must be stop

    Here a test on Shadow Warlock with Aransu 6, no Soul, no Gems (excepted Black), no Spirit. (Weapon bonus: +1035% SHADOW dmg on Dragon Helix) Crit Dmg: 250% SHADOW stats: 310 pts - 109.39% (no BT earring, no BT ring, no heptagonal) Crit Dragon Helix: 32323 41067 5212 (total: 78602) Crit Dimensional Salvo: 24153 (ratio cDH/cDS: 3,254) SHADOW stats: 1398 pts - 138.05% (+28,66%) Crit Dragon Helix: 38459 (+18,9%) 49213 (+19,8%) 5998 (+15%) (total: 93670 - +19,17%) Crit Dimensional Salvo: 29410 (+21,8%) (ratio cDH/cDS: 3,185) Of course, the second line of Crit Dragon Helix is the weapon bonus. I've tested with another weapon and there are only 2 lines corresponding to the 1st and the 3rd. So Hepta+BT Earring+BT Ring only offer me overall +20% of damage, since the weapon gave me ~+100% dmg on a certain skill. Conclusion: Depending on the Aransu 6 bonus and the class, to get A6 before elem jewels makes sense. Also, it seems that the stuff bonus is based on base elemental damage. If it wasn't, the delta between crit Dragon Helix with and without BT jewels/gem should be negligible, but we can see that it scales the same as the non boosted skill (Dimensional Salvo).
  11. A6 with basic accessory must be stop

    They are 2 numbers as for a lot of stats, the flat base and the % base. Flat base has a little influence on the % base, but final stat that counts on real damages made on enemy is % base. When it's written +300% or 300% additional elemental damage it should mean added to the % base, not flat base. Look at you % base and you will discover that bonus on Aransu/Raven may overshadow the % base. EDIT: In fact, the bonus description doesn't say if it applies to the flat base or the % base which is used for damage calculation. So I don't know right know, the description should be more explicit (+300% on flat or % base?). I can get damage formula on web but there isn't any explanation on stuff's elem % bonus.
  12. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    What making a skill PvE or PvP is basically if it pierce parry (not relevant here) AND if it does more damages AND/OR consumes less focus during CC/Aerial/Grab. With this definitiion Move 3 should be PvP because it free to cast and does more damages during CC/Aerial while Move 1 doesn't and consumes 3 focus (which is a lot for PvP). But I admit that for Wind Summ it's a fail. I personnally use Move 1 too in arena. Awakening patch will certainly rebalance this because the boost of PvE Rumblebees is based on stack and no more on a 3 seconds buff, which sounds clearly more PvE oriented.
  13. A6 with basic accessory must be stop

    No, When it's written +300% elem damage on skill, it's +300% regardless of base elemental damage. So if you have 100% elem dmg (base 0 points elem) or 150% elem dmg (base ~1500 pts), when your weapon add +1000% on a skill, the difference between 1100% and 1150% is nothing, so it makes sense.
  14. Can't See Snowflake Skill Effect in Arena 1v1

    Should be a mod, because alt skill effects are not applied in arena.
  15. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    1. Projectile speed normalization is a nerf because it's like if you were every time at 16 meters even if you are at 1 meter, not a boost as you suggest. 2. Warden's patch about Lunge (Tab) is a PvE boost and PvP nerf. Nobody in arena needs double stun. The second stun like before was more useful for PvP especially if enemy F rolled "automatically" during the first stun. 3. Rumblebees during Petal Storm Moss has been nerf, once a time, because 100-0 was real during several months after the introduction of Petal Storm Moss. We are far than the "3 years of untouched class". In your video, the problem is that the Summ prefers to use PvE rumblebees (Move 1) instead of PvP rumblebees (Move 3). I personnally use Move 1 too because it does more damages than Move 3. That's kinda stupid and they could work on this... but meh.