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Best endgame soulshield for FM


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I want to know, which endgame soulshield parts i should get for Fm. Looked at Cheat-Sheet too.

8 piece MSP.
All 3 important HM-Skills unlocked for max. damage. (Flame Palm, Blazing Beam, Inferno)
Critical: 63%
Critical Damage: 242%

With HM-Skills unlocked, +10% Blazing Beam / +70% Dual Dragons from soulshield, i make a lot damage.
But some say, 5x msp + 3x xanos is still better.


So, first question:
8x msp or 5x msp + 3x xanos? If second, then xanos pieces 6-8?


Wanted skip the 2nd legendary soulshield, Shokma. Straight to the 3rd, Black Wind.


Thought, at start:
1-3 Black Wind + 4-8 MSP. (=10AP, 15%cDmg, 45% Blazing Beam)


1-5 Black Wind + 6-8 MSP. (=15AP, 20%cDmg, 45% Blazing Beam)
or the other option
1-5 Black Wind + 6-8 Xanos. (=22AP, 27%cDmg, 35% Blazing Beam)
What is better?


Or is there still a better combination at all?


Makes high Flame Damage from legendary accessories a difference? (then, better more % for Blazing Beam then cDmg?)


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5 msp 3 xanos is slightly better for FM as dual dragons is not a big part of your damage. The best combination is xanos 2 3 4 rest msp because of accuracy which you will need for raids.
You can't realistically skip the bt ss (chokma in the cheat sheet) as they come from the skybreak spire raid (otherwise known in the community as bt - black tower) and you will never get into the next raid (temple of eluvium or vt - vortex temple which drops the ss called black wind in the sheet) with no accessories from the previous one. Since you need to be running bt anyway, may as well get the ss. Then the progression is 5 bt 3 msp, then 3 vt 5 bt, then 5 vt 3 bt, then full vt.

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