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  1. 720USD never seen fountain

    720usd is quite a lot of keys. Around 1.5k. My experience is similar. I have not seen a super crit (there are three that I know of - 25 oils, 50 oils and octa gems) in 1.2k keys. In fact, I haven't seen a super crit at all this whole year (3 troves) for a total of over 3k keys. Seeing some people open 1-2 of those in 100 keys makes this event incredibly unfair and unbalanced.
  2. Frost FM or Fire FM?

    Fire and Ice are pretty much on par at this point. Fire is better for burst while Ice is better in aoe situations but over a long fight they will give similar numbers. You can honestly play what you like. Fire only for FM comes from a time before the skill revamp when fire was really the only way. Many people still hold on to that for some reason even though it's no longer true and has not been true for almost half a year now.
  3. Best endgame soulshield for FM

    5 msp 3 xanos is slightly better for FM as dual dragons is not a big part of your damage. The best combination is xanos 2 3 4 rest msp because of accuracy which you will need for raids. You can't realistically skip the bt ss (chokma in the cheat sheet) as they come from the skybreak spire raid (otherwise known in the community as bt - black tower) and you will never get into the next raid (temple of eluvium or vt - vortex temple which drops the ss called black wind in the sheet) with no accessories from the previous one. Since you need to be running bt anyway, may as well get the ss. Then the progression is 5 bt 3 msp, then 3 vt 5 bt, then 5 vt 3 bt, then full vt.
  4. Absolutely agree, especially for the pet and soul. Making these overly expensive items account bound would at least in small part justify their excessive cost and it would lead to more groups and faster queues with more players doing things on alts. It would also reduce the boredom of being locked into a single class and encourage people to spend more resources on alts.
  5. Worth getting any badge for Summoner?

    In the long run (with Julia raid gear) Magnum will be bis for Earth, while the new purple badge is best for Wind. Holy Fire is still worth having as either element as it's better than Magnum in ToI for example. The mystic badges are all kinda meh for Summoner sadly, especially Earth.
  6. SS battleground

    The best combination currently (excluding Beluga as it takes a while to farm) is 5 pieces Elder and 3 Challenger. Which pieces should be Challenger are up for debate. Most people use 3 6 7 Challenger rest Elder.
  7. Potential PVP bugs

    Lower level characters always get much lower ranked opponents. This fact has been exploited this season heavily by mostly summoners (who have most of their kit available at low levels) to get very high rankings, even diamond while only playing gold opponents. It's a system that really needs to be changed after the skill revamp.
  8. FM need some tweak

    I agree with the suggestions except the heatwave one as I think that's unnecessary. Stance change is particularly important in pvp where you need to either attack the opponent (and have a target at that) which can be punished in so many ways by all classes with how slow FM projectiles are, or you have to waste an iframe. Not a good situation either way. FM is currently the second worst class in PvP, only better than SF pretty much. All the rankings show this (and showed it in KR as well with our current patch) so personal feelings are pretty irrelevant. Facts are facts. Also, on our current patch, FM is not the highest dps class. Both BD and SF are higher dps in group play (possibly even SIN), and solo it's even worse for FM. FM if anything needs a buff as it's as close to a pure dps class as we have in the game so it should honestly do more. The dragonchar nerf was unnecessary, especially after giving SINs insane burst with the bracelet.
  9. Brightstone not dropping recs?

    Just to confirm they are dropping - did 4 solo runs a few days ago and got 2 recipes: Merry Potter and Acquired Taste. My run was lucky I guess, but that's RNG for you.
  10. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    I also received 0 gem hammers and my weapon went from 3 to 2 slots when upgrading to True Breeze from True Pirate. I'm not exactly happy about this. What can we do?