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Returning Summoner


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Hi, I haven't been playing since Naryu Foundry was released and alot of new gear as arrived.
So alot of questions following:

How good are Earth and Wind Summoner atm? Thinking primarily in terms of PvE content, current and incoming.
What Soul Badges should I get?
How good is the BT and VT soul shields for each element (Heard MSP is comparatively better for Earth, 3 set BT is more important for wind, but should I get 8 set BT anyways in both elements)
Which Mystic Badges should I get?
Which Bracelet is the best?
At what gear lvls should I start running BT? Irontech? VT? Scions? EL?

If there is anything I forgot please don't hesitate to inform me :D

I'm currently Sitting at Stage 7 Baleful, Stage 10 neck and Stage 10 Ring, Stage 6 pet and Stage 4 Soul

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- There isn't a huge gap between BT wind and earth, but Earth pulls ahead in VT.

For earth, get either Magnum or Alluvion. I tried both few times, the gap isn't huge, Alluvion is easier to use. If you have BT ss, you might wanna use Alluvion, since you'll lose your flying nettle bonus dmg from MSP ss. For VT Magnum.

For wind, get either Holy Fire or Courage. 

Holy fire is more focus friendly, but Courage will give you more dmg.

- As I already said, BT is good for both Earth and Wind. Earth benefits much more from VT.

- The new legendary badge, however since it not that easy to get, the focus one. It doesnt add to your dmg, but it nice to have.

- Wind - Dragon bracelet. (You'll need 3 BT ss atleast since Dragon relies on Bloom n Doom.)

- Earth - Tiger. (Relies on Throne Strike.)

- For soul get the 8 sec cd one.

- BT is easier now, I think 850 (maybe even less) is good for BT.
Most people are correctly asking for 950+ for VT and the others you mention.

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