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BnS Support Cant Solve FPS Drop


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Max (Blade and Soul)

Aug 23, 20:00 PDT


We are just trying to rule out every possible cause of the issue. We’re sorry to hear that we haven’t been able to help you reach a resolution for the issue you've been experiencing. At this point, we have gone through all the resources and suggestions at our disposal. We regret that we are unable to continue troubleshooting this issue with you. We recommend that you contact your ISP or local professional for further assistance.

Again, I am sorry that we cannot help you further, but if you have any other questions, please let us know.


NCSOFT Support Team

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I dont see why you think FPS drop is a game problem. Or at least a game only. According to my experience...sudden fps drops I experienced were caused by Windows update activity, driver instability or incompactibility, and hardware bottleneck.

When I ran BnS on Core2Duo 7600 with crap video card and 4gb RAM, my max FPS was 30..and in boss fights I had to use Ctrl+F, not to mention raids.

With i5 -2500k and HD7850 +8gb RAM, I can run 50-60 fps, and I use Ctrl+F only in raids. 

I did have several FPS drops in this period and were caused by the things I mentioned above.

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its a game problem because i play games that need more specs than blade and soul and i play them without a single Frame Drop

and they dont give me a reasonable solution to this problem that many people suffer from and according to my experience they must give a good method to over come this problem that i suffer from for more than three months

My Specs

core I7


4 GB GTX 960M

SO with this spec why i have to suffer from 120 fps to 3~10 fps every minute

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My specs:


I5- 2500k

8GB Ram

1050Ti 4GB

SSD Evo Samsung


All settings on 5 except grass shit and background effects


FPS capped to 60 


Overall 50-60 FPS except Raids and mushin if many people standing around


My other PC :




4GB Ram

750ti 2GB



Same settings like a above

Same results



Maybe you need to think about dont have overall 120FPS..dont know why its necessary. 


Sometimes its hard to hear but BnS its not optimized and if u want to get 60FPS its possible

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