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Blade and soul kills my Windows 10 Oo


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Downloads blade and soul, installs with no problems, patches too without a hitch ... but then when i attempt to start it, my windows occasionally BSOD's and reboots, or more often than not now, the whole desktop area goes black where i can't do anything but move the mouse cursor.

I have looked into everything i can, but every single game i have, even intensive games run without a hitch. There is only BnS that dies taking my windows with it lol

Guess i'll just have to leave BnS although never wanted to, but things forced me beyond my control.

It's not the hardware, everything has been checked and triple checked, then checked again for measure, and there doesn't seem to be 1 problem area other than between BnS and Windows 10 x64.

I'm tempted to leave BnS, but would still want to know why this game in particular has issues with my system.

If anyone can provide me with any help, i'd be greatly appreciative.

kind regards ( i don't use ticket systems these days, i've read the horror stories and would prefer to ask a knowledgeable member or 2 of the forums ) :) 

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Thanks, i completely forgot about that lol

I'll run some tests on it later and i'll post my findings. Cheers KzE :)


Windows 10 creators update is the problem or at least the root cause, so i guess it's format time ( long overdue anyway ) still doesn't explain why it's only BnS that causes the problem where every other app/game runs fine. Something to look in to i guess :)


Thanks for the help all the same.

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Ok i found the problem ( for anyone else having it )

I formatted .. 5 times, yes 5 times, even bypassed the creators edition with installing 1607 which still didn't work i still had the issue and couldn't understand why.

I ripped my PC down piece by piece looking for the problem and the reason for why the game would completely kill my whole PC, i couldn't find anything wrong.

I even pulled my PC apart looking for possible peripheral and hardware failures, nothing could be seen, well on the surface at least.

Eventually i came to the conclusion it was a possible power problem, unknown why that would be but recently i got a new motherboard, so thought it was worth a shot.

Ended up getting a much higher wattage PSU, but then i do run a lot of hardware, and bingo, the problem went away.

It seems that the new motherboard eats a slightly more wattage than my previous little brother of it, and even a fraction out sent my PC into a massive problem spiral.

It's odd though, the younger brother of the motherboard was pretty much the same in design, but older in comparison and ran the game without needing a PSU changeout.

So if anyone has this problem and has recently changed even the smallest piece of hardware, it's possible the game does eat a little more watts due to some reason i have no idea, but changing my PSU out fixed the whole issues i had.

I couldn't log in with my Dyslogix account name ( no idea why ) so i'm using this one just to try help out.

Have a good one all :)


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hey i have had a similar problem like it will soon freeze and make a eeeeerrrrrrr sound and sometimes also goes white pink or maybe blue and i think i can move the mouse but i can't get out so i have to shut it all down the hard way and restart it and yes all my other games works fine then blade and soul and i did send out a ticket and they told me to do some things and i wasnt really sure if it was safe or not cause i think they wanted to mostly take over my computer and see what it might be so please help me out 

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