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Fix clan battle match up loophole


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PVP for clan battle should be a fun event for a clan and it could be if the match up were even. Currently as is when legit clans try to do clan battle for casual play to get matched up with just created clans of whales that have max gear just for that clan battle just to beat up average gear real clans is an exploit that should be looked at. Cause the match up goes according to clan rating and it isn't fair to pit low gear player with a low clan rating to get matched with a high gear player who just created the clan for the purpose to exploit the rating system. The pvp aspect of the game can still be saved. Just match up people according to gear. I don't mean gear that is currently equipped cause they will loophole that also but to go to your highest gear for each gear slot and round out the match up. If you want people to pvp make it so that its an enjoyable exp. It's not fun spending time to queue into a match only to realize there is no point cause you will get 1 shot. A suggestion I would also make is to disable any pve equipment went queueing into any pvp instance. to level the playing field.

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