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  1. That's a good idea instead of having to start all over again you would just need to get the mats and gold to convert it to your other element. It allows a smooth transition to your other element without hindering your performance cause you are leveling a new element.
  2. Agreed it should pop in the f10 periodically. Seeing that it's difficult to get a hold of, I would suggest that it be account bound. I feel many in the community might appreciate that especially if they have alts holding on to 1-2 of them and not being able to do nothing with it cause 5 is the magic number.
  3. I too would welcome this I enjoy playing the Jin race and would enjoy a Jin/FM or a Jin/Destro. They should just allow all races to be any class this would give more diversity in the game and open up a lot of unique looks plus give the people who make troll more things to work with that gives us all a laugh when you see them.
  4. I too have that issue. Always having to set it up when I log in plus also on certain boss fight if you get hit the camera zooms all the way in then I need to stop for a sec and zoom out just so I can see what's going on around me it is really annoying and I hope they will address that.
  5. If they fix the match up with 6v6 in clan battle people would not be requesting a surrender function. If it was balance people would go in and fight knowing it can go either way which is where the fun comes in, in pvp in my opinion anyway. going in to get one shot by the other group no enjoyment there so surrender option would be a time saver plus it would allow you to move on to the next fight where you might have a chance so you can earn point to potentially gear up a bit.
  6. PVP for clan battle should be a fun event for a clan and it could be if the match up were even. Currently as is when legit clans try to do clan battle for casual play to get matched up with just created clans of whales that have max gear just for that clan battle just to beat up average gear real clans is an exploit that should be looked at. Cause the match up goes according to clan rating and it isn't fair to pit low gear player with a low clan rating to get matched with a high gear player who just created the clan for the purpose to exploit the rating system. The pvp aspect of the game can s
  7. @Kozuki I doubt they would do it either all I mean is that it would make the class make sense as the description of the element would go with how it would be mainly played. So if for example they would correct that along with any classes that would require a similar change when that person would log on a character that was changed they have the option that converts the element accessory into the other element of that class 1 time use only or could either played the new element if they choose to.
  8. Well as the topic states the element class should fit the playstyle of the character. Not sure if that applies to other roles in the game and if so all the more reason to tweak that. The way it currently is Lightning build for a does its damage from stealth and hiding from the enemies this is how it does its max dps. Shadow on the other hand you are basically not in stealth at all and all the damage comes from rapid attacks and animation cancel. Why not switch it so that it makes more sense? make it so that a shadow build is done from stealth and lightning be rapid attacks and a
  9. Yea they are expensive and while I can understand endgame gear being costly it has to be to a point. Like having to buy the profane stone to get to max lvl on accessories or having to run the end game content to get breakthrough items for leveling up makes sense. The basic materials that are use constantly buy every piece of gear at every stage that should not be so over priced. maybe have an NPC that sells basic materials at reasonable prices
  10. Tower is Challenging but not too focus on it until I get the other part from sanctum but if I had those stats I'm fairly confident I would get thru it. Just look at what's doing you in study it then find a way to overcome
  11. I understand the frustration cause I too was at a point where I wanted to play but couldn't. hope you can figure something out with any luck they do another patch and game become playable for you
  12. Yea I get that all my other games run smoothly only issues tend to be from BnS so its clearly the game but I doubt you would get any help from them the only thing they know how to do is take peoples money. Its a good game but its following the path of other games that died cause all it did was take money and not work right. I've seen youtube vids of people using something called bns buddy and it apparently help the game run smoother maybe that might help worth a shot.
  13. Have you tried lower pc settings in game to see if fps goes up then just raise the setting till you find a fps sweet spot?
  14. I had a similar issue with BnS after the patch 3 weeks ago where my frames drop to like 15 open world and dungeon was out the question. Like you I started trouble shooting trying to see why fps dropped all of a sudden I was like I have 64 gigs of ram 4 gigs on video plus a I7 hardware should not be an issue I should not be seeing 15 fps. starting checking all my hardware and testing them plus trying other games and found no issues so I realized the issue is BnS itself. With all the whales in the game and all of BnS cash grabs you would think they would keep the game running properly. what I en
  15. I agree the event was not well thought out in my opinion. It's fine that you put a fleeting soul badge chest with the possibility to get a permanent one I haven't seen it but know a few that got it so I know it's a possible prize. Now for the event itself the amount of chest you get seems fine and the chance to test soul badges to see if they are what you expected is great even the 1 hour after opening is ok. My issue with said event is that after the hour you just sell the soul badge for 3 copper and that if you want to buy a permanent badge you still need half the tokens which leave a lot of
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