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TOI statistics 30% KFM


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I made a TOI statistic and found that I have 30% KFM 17% sum and 13%Sin. All other are almost equal. What are your experiences. I really dont like a random system not working according to the statistics. And KFM is a waste of time for me. 

Also you cant escape TOI, which I really would like to just to shorten the waste of time. 

Me: Naramnarana, HM15, Gear ok, level 79 on TOI. 

What are ur experiences doing TOI. Let me know please regarding statistics or gutt feeling. 



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you're not the only one.

I used a bunch just now... and what I got today is what I get pretty regularly.


kfm sin

destro kfm
destro sin
kfm sin
sin kfm
kfm bd sin
sin fm kfm
kfm bm kfm
kfm destro
kfm wl bm kfm
kfm destro

destroy kfm bm sf

bm kfm destro


seems like getting kfm is the norm this month.

last month was mostly sins.

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