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Spec for B&S.


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Hey everyone!
Awhile ago i made a topic posting some specs from a pre-build PC i found on amazon,but after asking around i was told to build my own since is cheaper and safer,already have a Corsair - SPEC-03  case and a 25 inch LG monitor(i was told this monitor is not good for MMOs ;/).What I'm looking for is having decent FPS/Fast loading screens (i will be using this PC to play some other games).
Budged: 900-1.000 euro
Country: Italy
Also,i try to avoid AMD stuff since seems like is not one of the best CPUs.
Thank you! :)

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Im not much of a tech nerd but I recommend a strong cpu and a SSD that well help u a lot in terms of stability and fps + short loading screen. I Prefer to play MMO's on mid to low graphics so my GPU is kind of out-dated but it can handle the game well enough.

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