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  1. Ticket Support not working.

    I always do both when I report.
  2. U can also right click the link and choose open link with incognito on chrome
  3. I found a fix for Chrome Users. If you right-click "registration page to sign up" and choose Open link in incognito window. Everything will show up, then you can click register and you have to login to you account and done. Hope this will work for alot of people experiencing problems with Web browser Chrome. Please rate my post so I can keep track of how many people it worked for.
  4. Question about merry potter-forgekeeper

    I hope all will be reset that could be refreshing and kinda fun
  5. Question about merry potter-forgekeeper

    Does the players that keep Merry Potter get when the Update hits? Or What should we do?
  6. sick of THIS low fps.

    There have been some stability problems with the severs. but if the issue is still there check your GPU RAM or contact support they can help if u give them the info and time needed.
  7. never got a purple venture token. seriously?

    I got a purple venture token from chest so i can confirm that it drops
  8. Beginner Quests Bugs

    I had the same bug just contact support and they will fix it in no time
  9. Where da people at?!

    Do not worry sever merge is on is way http://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/server-consolidation-august-9/
  10. Well just becuse I can heal doesnot mean I cant fight for myself... I fight for my self most of the time outnumbered and still win. Example is like 1 vs 2+ with kind of balanced I can still win since im quite tanky. Its not like my team mates fight alone I support with cc aircombo setup x2 and Burst dps.
  11. Which Gear & Soul Shield i need? (SF Ice build)

    SF gear focus Start Ring - Legendary aquired from Ebondrake citadel Drop form last boss or gather 200 claw tokens from Dynamic Quest after boss kill. Ring Start bid is 100 gold. Earring - Frost earring (purple) < Black Tower Earring drop from 2nd boss Neckles - Frost Neckles (purple) < Legendary Neckles from Desolated tomb (DT) 200 tokens= free legendary < BT Frost Neckles From BT Last boss. Bracelet - pinnacle bracelet or upgrade Siren bracelet from Blackram supply Chain < Legendary braclet from Naryuo Santum (NS) 200 tokens= free legendary Belt - Pinnacle < Pirate belt from Bloodshade harbor < Legendary belt from naryuo Foundry (NF) 200 tokens= free legendary. Siren braclet and pirate belt once fully upgraded can be Salvaged for Legendary Jewels Used as upgrade mat towards Break Though on Legendary gear. Siren Emblem and Pirate emblem is currency used to buy belt or bracelet Youtube link for more info below Hope that this helps u
  12. Windrest

    If You need any help Ingame u can PM me ingame IGN: Quynt
  13. How do I craft things?

    The restriction is there to create a demand in the market ( short cut F5) that way as a crafter u make stuff that others cant and they use F5 market to buy the mats and vise versa.
  14. If they have no indentation in balancing the match making I like to see something like. If you die x amount of times in a row u will start to give less points towards the enemy team. Not only are your team behind since they have under geared players that cant fight back. But it will make it easier for people in the team with a deficit to try to win even against the odds instead of standing afk or insulting one another for playing 6v6 with no requirements to enter a battle and zero balance. I often see low end players insult me for having 800 - 750 ap since im a healer with most of my hm points speced into deff so i can stay alive. Most people dont know how to pvp in 6v6 so they jump in to get carried so they can earn Battle points for sitting afk or making it harder for other people to win.
  15. Evolved Stone Availability

    I killed the CB bosses 5 times and got evoled stones 1 out of 5. Its not much but its a step in the right direction. I rather see evoled stones be a part of the 6v6 chest where u use a key to open since it encourage pople to play pvp. But I still think PVP need some balance its just no fun playing a match and get 1-3 shoot my a overpowered enemy. Or carry alot of under geared players that didnt finsih the Story yet. Please increase the requaments for attestation in 6v6 and make some better match making in the future.