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Kfm playstyle ( need help )


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Hello everyone! so i'v made this topic (original topic https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/229934-looking-for-aggressive-fast-class/) because im looking some insight on class, I did alredy tried them a bit and i like all 3

(which are SIN/DES/KFM)


Bottom line i'm impatient in PvP i don't like waiting on my opponent too much, if i need to stay defensive the whole arena i'll go crazy. I like aggressive and fast playstyle.

Do they require intense grinding over HM?

Does KFM fit what im looking for and i just need to practice?

I feel like all is about 2RF and i dunno how i feel about this. I like some challenge if it dosen't take me like 3 years to nail it.

What is KFM playstyle in term of PvP mainly?

thanks !

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all class have escape skills and cc lock downs. which means you'll have to play both offense and defense. you might win few by going all out offense but doesn't happen much.


KFM is bit more defensive than offense but once you have your opponent in cc lock down, you can do ton of damage if not kill them off.

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Class playstyles in B&S are very distinct, you have to restrict yourself to specific aspects to draw similarities. I would say neither assassins nor destroyers are very similar to KFM in playstyle.


Similarities between Sin and KFM:

Both can do a lot of dodge-iframe and have punishing counters. They are also similar in that they have long (=slow) CC chain 100-0 combos, however sins can also opt for a poison breath / bombard or a toxic poison / bleed playstyle (currently unpopular). Both have a lot of mobility and no long range damage. Also both have Fighting Spirit, a strong 10 second critical buff, and both have to sacrifice important defense skills to use it.
Overall however very different due to stealth / mines / flowers.


Similarities between Destroyer and KFM:

Destroyers also have the choice between a defensive or offensive buff, they can gap close and even perfect judgement/cleave combo takes a while and a lot of CC to manage a 100-0.
So even less similarities as destroyers employ spin / grab / shield-heal-iron plating / emberstomp / pulls / siren strike instead of dodges etc

As for an impatient playstyle, I think destroyer might serve you best. Destroyers have the strongest heals of the three, giving you the chance to make up for HP lost, and if spaced out right, their many protective skills will greatly reduce the chance to be caught out without escapes. If you can keep that spaced-out style while constantly applying pressure to the opponent, that seems to be a very successful style with destroyers.

Sins require a lot of creativity to be successful and very good cooldown management.

KFM has a strong neutral game but has only one escape. If you mess up you are usually done for if the opponent is any good.

As for grinding, HM points are not needed for skills any more, so they are irrelevant for gear balanced PvP. HM skills, you either get the quick way with a duelist bundle or you grind for them with arena currency (zen beans). This takes the same time for any class, though as a beginner your early successes in arena will be more if you go for destroyer than for assassin or KFM.

I hear people need around a few weeks to learn the CC-2RF combos. I have never practiced them to perfection so cannot comment on that.

KFM playstyle in PvP is different between 1v1 and 3v3.


1v1, you are potentially a master of the neutral game and profit from playing reactionary, which however is harder than being proactive.
Ice guard, Q/E/SS iframes and HM counter / RB allow you to waste a lot of the opponent CCs. At the same time, enemy mistakes give you openers for your infamous CC chains that can 100 to 0 the opponent (with good enough anicancel). KFM have some of the fastest gap closers, plus HM Z is an almost unavoidable stun if timed right. However, drawing the enemy's tab escape and avoiding the counterattack is crucial because as mentioned, you have only one escape skill. It also does not help that in gear balanced PvP, unlike in 6v6, KFM have some of the weakest heals.
So a lot of mind games, and tactical use of aerials to punish the enemy for not tabbing. If you win, you will feel like an invincible ghost dancing through your enemy's attacks to then finish them off in a devastating endless-seeming lethal combo. If you lose, you will feel like a pathetic rag-doll that fell for the most obvious trap and got wiped the floor with. XD


3v3, despite good neutral game, KFMs suffer from having weak heals. Unless your team has a good party healer, you will have to play very cautiously and prefer iframe and tag-out over risk every time. KFMs can create very good opportunities due to their plenty CC skills, and they can do decent offensive assists, though nowhere near as strong as WLs. More so than last year, KFMs have worked their way into successful 3v3 championship teams, but they still seem a little behind compared to e.g. BDs, who can fulfill a similar role but have stronger bursts and healing.


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