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Ty for buggy new patchs


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I have 3 pc in my home,ps4,ps3,x-box.I never have connection problems in any game .I was primium player here before.I quit becouse of having many DC when ı am primium.I come back few days before.You always adding new pachs game.Its ok.I found game chanced much.Many areas laggy and have bugs.Some costumes(after year still buggy) etc.When ı started play game you need lvl up but now pay and max lvl.(You wasted my time before).You can have best items etc with money.Why?Play bugged game or game you cant stay in?I have many DC again after your new pachs.

Did you asked players who pay for game for adding new items or pach?I thing you dont you just aded everyting they relesed.You know if someting not broken you dont need to try repair it.There is no more fun.Many areas emty.All new areas laggy and have bugs..You know in other mmorpg becouse of one bug repor they closed play one class for 2 day?Ok now ı am quiting again.I posted here becouse your game have many many bugs.Its ok ı can understod but why you trying to keep add new pachs game?If ı found good old version of this game ı will play.Your version cant playable anymore.

Golden rule of all games.If players liked DONT CHANCE IT.I told my guild ı dont come back and kick me.

You have 2 option in game.

1-quit from real life and farm every day for just play same dungeons again again(you can have many dc but keep try it)

2-Pay a lot of money and dont do anyting.If you try open map pvp ıts alredy died.Arena you dont need items and many bots,cheater non balanced game.You dont need farm soo pay for best items and sit somewhere.

I found another option quit and find new game whic is without your company.Ty for everyting bby.

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