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  1. 150 Golden Lotus Chests

    The thing is, even without using money in this game, it's still enjoyable. You don't need 1000ap to play this game, and most dungeons are open to everyone out there. To add to this, arena PvP is doable without having to pay, since those HM Skills just takes a bit of time to get, but they aren't out of the reach of F2P players.
  2. Suggestion about evolved stones

    I mean, go run them. It's just a lot of people waiting like it was in Basin event. The bosses are just using simple patterns to attack and are overall pretty boring. Meanwhile, Nightshade Harbor is more dynamic I guess ? Those moonwater 24-man dungeons are nice to play in, the maps are good looking and the bosses are awesome...
  3. Suggestion about evolved stones

    They just are...
  4. What to do with sealed items now?

    Either sell them or unseal them ?
  5. Wind Walking Quest Abandonment

    Go to quest, look at the letters, take the quest. If there's nothing there, RIP your life...
  6. Irontech Forge Upcoming Fixes

    The problem with this is that, in 3v3, Soulburn is way too much of a deal breaker.
  7. Suggestion about evolved stones

    Why do you want to be as strong as whales though ?
  8. Weekly DC

    I played 10 times yesterday, and never faced a team filled with Raven... Who cares about you "getting two shooted" for a little while ? If you wanted them to give us this SS for free, that's just awful thinking...
  9. You realise all of our community offers "suggestions" as complaints, so how is reacting to complaints not listening to suggestions ? I mean, we complain offering suggestions, and they listen to our complaints and try to do whatever they can to please us in a way that won't hurt the game too much, isn't this alright ?
  10. Add sure-fire way for outfits in RNG Box

    1 box 1 outfit :D
  11. Weekly DC

    That's why we have the new PVP SS available ??
  12. 150 Golden Lotus Chests

    The thing is, I spend way more time and enjoy this game way much than those supposedly AAA games, so yeah... Also, to everyone saying Trove is better, those chests are nice though, since 40% of the profit involved will go towards the tournament :D
  13. Suggestion about evolved stones

    Problem is, those dungeons are boring... If you wanna resurect a 24 man dungeons, revamp the ones in the East of Moonwater... Those are awesome dungeons :D
  14. Yes, they do. They will reduce the gem mailing prices, they will revert Black Sun, Wind God and Thunder God, they are trying to find ways to make Evolved Stones easier to get, and are asking for our suggestions, etc. I mean, if this isn't listening to suggestions, what is ?
  15. Irontech Forge Upcoming Fixes

    I know a lot of people will want to kill me for this suggestion, but I'm tired to see a nearly dead arena and I don't think RNG is a bad thing, so : 1. Give us the possibility to trade in Zen Beans, prestige and/or peaches for Evolved Stone. 2. Give the Silverfrost Purple Dungeons and Arena's daily challenge chest a 10% chance to drop 1 Evolved Stone. 3. Give the dynamic quest's chest of higher tier dungeons (EC, DT, NF, NS, Iron Tech Forge) a 5% chance to give us Evolved Stones. 4. Put 2 Evolved Stones in weekly dungeons' rewards. 5. Put 1 Evolved Stone in the weekly dungeons' dynamic quest's chests, with a 15% chance of getting a 10-Evolved Orb bundle. 6. Give Heaven Mandate and Cold Storage's Khaari Lord's dynamic quest chest's a 40% chance of getting 1 Evolved Stone. 7. Most of what people said previously.