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Casual request for advice how to win against SF as KFM


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Last couple of months, with all the 6v6 and PvE, I rarely got round to do more gear balanced arena than the single win a day quest.


However yesterday, I gave it a couple of hours, and noticed changes in how well I do against certain classes:


- BD was slightly less difficult
- BM was much easier (really, was the dragontongue nerf that big o_O?)
- Sin was easier (why? they used to be hell)
- WL was harder (maybe I was out of rhythm. Once I flawlessly iframed from Thrall again I started winning again)
- FM I lost. (what? impossible! this has never happened! XD)
- SUM I lost once (hmm maybe that one was just very good. He was lvl 28... wut???)
- vs KFM no changes.
- DES easy peasy (no change there)


All of this from low gold / high silver KFM perspective. If anyone can enlighten me if what I experienced is typical and why, please do! ^_^

But this leaves one class which I actually want to ask about: Soul Fighter <.<


Damn, I literally have 0 win rate against them!


What's wrong? What am I missing?


Please give general advice, much appreciated!

Also I can give my suspicions, but no idea if they are any help finding my problem:


- My opener seems bad. SF win the opener usually and aerial with re-knock-up makes it pretty punishing

- SF seem to never miss the tech chase, even in silver rank. Is it somehow easier for them?

- they heal so much, so I try to counter by using PvE searing palm. Do not dare taking blue buff because I want to be able to escape ice.

- they seem to dodge-iframe really well, which CC skills are best to surprise them? comet daze?

- counter or elbow smash? I fear defence break if I use counter, but am afraid to hit into their iframes if I use elbow smash


=_= help please!

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BD is super op, usually those who were decent or trash prepatch can now be top100 because of the buff

BM is still strong but now they have less cc (cc they didnt even need for 100-0)

Sin should be harder since they got buffed maybe you were lucky and faced sins that drop combo often

WL is indeed harder but they were already hard to begin with.

FM has always been broken but you barely see anyone playing it nowadays.

Sum got a 2sec resist cc on ss that's why they are so broken now, also every sum you'll see will abuse the air combo bug which is a shame because they are playing sum to begin with

Des in low gold or silver are braindead so no wonder it is easy.


SF is a kfm natural counter. Tbh I recommend blue buff and normal pvp palm. Elbow is risky and because it has a lower counter timer than the normal one. A decent SF will prefer KD Howling blast against kfm rather than guard break. There is no cc to surprise them, you really have to wait for them to use all of their iframes before even trying something.

You want to tab the second knock up if you see burning tundra (ice rain) as it will deal huge dmg or the frost storm. If you find a SF with defense break you can bait it with ss. Put up counter > ss. Last tip : You want to keep your distance with the SF as if you are too close they can melee q or e or range q or e, the latter will put them behind you which allows him to open a cc chain with the ranged stun.

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Thanks for the class round up but I recognize most changes you describe there (have been playing 6v6 after all), just wondered if it somehow had affected the gear balanced part more strongly.

The lvl 28 SUM has something to do with a ranking exploit I think - apparently all pro PvPers are currently rerolling alts for arena to get easier match ups. Recently saw Tenah on a Warlock lvl 45 alt in diamond rank, so I am inclined to believe this. O.o

Thanks a lot for the SF advice, every little bit is helpful.
Will try without ice guard and use counter next time, let's see how it goes then.
Checking bnstree, the KD howling blast also has 4 second defense disable, though. :(

Keeping my distance seems counter-intuitive as a KFM, they lose their Q/E but so do I.

If I do that I need to know what charges work against them and when. Any ideas?

Flurry obviously but that is rarely available. They will Q/E Flying slam, and Avenging Fist - is it a free Elbow counter for them?



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