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So I'm still kind of new to this game and I have a sin on hm9, problem is I haven't ran MSP yet, I saw someone making a group for it asking to apply so I messaged them and they told me to apply, in which I literally had no clue what they were talking about and asked them what they meant? and they ignored.. Is there something I'm supposed to be doing, as I said I'm still fairly new and noone actually wants to take me on for it.. whether its because im such a noob Im asking what they mean or what, I still can't seem to get into one.. help? :/

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when you see someone posting in chat "MSP 1/3 or 1/4 apply" what you do is right click on their name and then click on" apply to party "

that is it if the leader accepts your application then you will be placed in one of four partyes

and then you go in MSP and start the raid and don't forget to get your quests before you enter the dungeon

see picture below to know what to click to apply and how to get to MSP






hope that helps and have fun

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I would suggest you to do MSP1-3 first as a beginner.

When you get inside msp just follow the crowd and you will be able to finish your quests.

If you cant finish the mites quest, just do multi-run.

MSP1-3 is just a monkey see,  monkey do raid, dont worry about it. :D

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