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  1. all the restrictions and RNG and grind in the game is in place to prolong your time in game and make you login every day whether you enjoy the game or not it's to artificially lengthen the games life and boost player numbers and hour's played to make the game look like its doing good on paper for investors and shareholders but anyway yes for the topic at hand remove the daily cap on reputation points so players can catch up and get more Unity stone slots and better stats
  2. i suggest adding 50 gold for finishing your 5 daily challenges and 200 gold extra on the weekly challenge it will add up to 550 a week if your making 2800 gold a week it will be 3350 gold a week (( but most players don't make 2800 gold a week not all players do all dungeons in the game )) (( the weekly challenge will be something like finish 2 Quest you get 50 Gold finish 4 you get 75 gold finish 5 you get 100 gold and at 6 you will get 175 gold )) it will not solve the income problem because of the RNG upgrade that we still have in the game but it will help
  3. - first the game is PVE focus game with PVP elements in it that is why you need to do PVE if you do PVP and the majority of the players are PVE players that is why the events are PVE oriented events - there is a difference between boring and not being able to do an event - if you can read what i wrote i did not mention the removal of 6v6 or 1v1 or PVP from the game what i'm talking about is PVP events that the majority of the player base dont like or can't do PVP ( ping difference , FPS problems , gear difference, unbalanced classes ) that i
  4. i think the event is good but it needs some improvements - first remove PVP from the event no one is doing PVP and PVP players that say we don't get PVP events are not fighting other PVP players the only player that are getting killed are non PVP players and no matter what NCwest does players will reject PVP events ( or the majority of players ) for many reasons ( ping difference , FPS problems , gear difference, unbalanced classes ) so it's pointless - make the event open all day but you are limited to one hour a day of farming then you are
  5. yeah i'm having the same problem before the patch my FPS was ok 40 fps in most raids and 50 fps in dungeons but now the max i get is 10 fps and as soon as we start attacking the bosses in dungeons it goes down to 1-2 fps and i tried switching from 64 bit to 32 bit but it's the same i reinstalled the game and reinstalled my gpu drivers but its the same so i don't know what is going on hope we get a fix soon
  6. what we need from NC Soft is to make it so (( if the player that get agro is not in melee range to gets grabbed by the boss and get the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ beaten out of him and gets 5s daze and stop the boss from jumping all over the map )) that way it will stop stupid ranged players from hitting the boss before the tank does and gunslingers from using tab as soon as the tank walks to the boss ( tanks don't even have a chance to get agro )
  7. i really don't bother with using the forum anymore you have players that come and defend what NC is doing to the game you get no answer or vague answers from the community manager or Developers what do you expect from a game that release patch notes that can affect the materials and economy , system changes and game play changes a day before on the same day of the patch or after the patch is live so no testing the product no quality check the only thing i have seen them fix so fast was that one time Treasure Trove was bugged i don't get why we keep on getting rushed
  8. if you complain about trying to join the newest dungeons and why players kick you and your a new player then that's your problem the newest dungeons are not for new players and no player likes to have to carry a player that will cauze more problems or is dead most of the time yah some dungeons are a bit harder if you don't know what your doing but the game now is very easy and getting in dungeons is getting easier with every update most of my dungeon runs are LFP in F8 from HH ( hollow's heart ) to EC ( ebondrake citadel ) i get players with 800AP or 1400AP i don't care anymore
  9. =====be warned before you read take all of this with a grain of salt and be warned i'm a bit pissed so read at your own discretion====== so from what i'm seeing and hearing the material reduction is not the only thing that were getting ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed over with its the gold we get , so we now get 5 gold per day o nice but no it was taken from the weekly income o but we have 2 new raids more gold nop think again all weekly raids now give 5
  10. as a pve player only i have about 1k of them and have no use for them so i think it will benefit pve and pvp players if the keys were tradable between players but not on the market so players can sell them and benefit and others will have more keys to get loot boxes and benefit we will have more gold and more resources floating between players which will be good for the games economy
  11. i think we should get a new option to fuse the diamond and the garnet so we get a new gem with both stats attack power, boss attack power and Crit that is how we get to use the garnet cuz it's useless unless your low level and have bad crit on your soul shields
  12. what is the problem why is everyone mad the gold problem was fixed now you get gold form F10 a box that was added that you can buy using Ncoin or HMcoin or you can participate in the awesome gambling rng BS ( treasure trove ) and get to buy a chest of gold which is rng as well and by the way if you need HMcoin you can't get it at the end of the season ( TOI ) now you need to sell your gold and how you get gold you buy gold using Ncoin so what is going to happen is players that have all the gold will add gold on the market and will get HMcoin then use the HMcoin to buy from F10
  13. most players don't know about them cuz the game does not explain anything especially for new players you may have some on you or in your inventory and not realize or notes them you get them from event loot boxes and now you know about them you can go try harder dungeons or dungeons that you were not comfortable running without the fear of dying and you will enjoy the game more and have fun playing it
  14. you use items called Lucky Revitalizer and Hongmoon Golden Revitalizer if no dragon coils is present you can use the Lucky Revitalizer https://imgur.com/kA0UKyG in normal mode and the Hongmoon Golden Revitalizer https://imgur.com/Kk9LpPs in hard mode you get Lucky Revitalizer from the Dragon Express https://imgur.com/G4jRb23 and the Hongmoon Golden Revitalizer from the Hongmoon Store https://imgur.com/zE6ZPTf
  15. yah the problem for me as a earth destroyer is my ping and i know other players do play with high ping , that is why i always gear up a bit before i try new dungeons cuz i know my dps will suffer because of my high ping and i really hate to be a burden on other players higher ping players have less hits when we need to dps and less time to react to what is going on so i'm with you on maybe reducing her HP a bit to give more players the chance to clear the dungeon since we can't use gear to boost are stats to balance out the loss of dps cuz of t
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