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disconnecting only in arena


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Maybe you guys can help me.

To be honest i have a shitty internet connexion, i use my phone as a 4g hotspot (landlord issues).

However, i play bns pretty much every day, and i only get disconnected in arenas/bg. It never happens in pve. the ranking hit is just killing me. It was harsh enough when i was losing 24 or 25 ranking, now with the -60 punishment it s getting ridiculous.

Anyways, i came to wonder, why am i only getting disconnected during pvp, and never during pve, assuming i don t farm arenas anymore. and log in mostly for dayly challenges, And is there any workaround ?


TLDR; i spend 90% of my bns time in pve environment, and 10% in arenas/bgs, and 100% of my disconnects (2 today for instance...) happen in arenas/bg.

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