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  1. i ve bought keys using gold only via currency exchange/f10, so 20 max a day 1- Xanos Disks = no 2- All the Offal (Silence, Darkness and Luminence) = yes, silence 3- Hongmoon Secret Technique Volume 3 = no 4- Longgui Soul Shield - Chest 8 = yes 5- Super Fan Costume, can t remember 6- Plog Pal = yes 7- Sealed Sacred Oil = nononononono :( (same goes for unsealed ones) 8- Raven King's Soul or Sealed version of it = no 9- Yamato Pet = yes
  2. i used 15 keys today, got 2 crits, a good one with 3 empyrean charms for 7.5g (i think 7.5) i sold for 510, and a crap one with 2 talkyan skins or 10 evolved stones, can t remember which one was the crit.
  3. Hi, Maybe you guys can help me. To be honest i have a shitty internet connexion, i use my phone as a 4g hotspot (landlord issues). However, i play bns pretty much every day, and i only get disconnected in arenas/bg. It never happens in pve. the ranking hit is just killing me. It was harsh enough when i was losing 24 or 25 ranking, now with the -60 punishment it s getting ridiculous. Anyways, i came to wonder, why am i only getting disconnected during pvp, and never during pve, assuming i don t farm arenas anymore. and log in mostly for dayly challenges, And is there
  4. i tried it 5 minutes, didn t notice any difference, u guys saw some improvment ?? back to 32bit just in case for now :p
  5. Hi, i now have 3k crit def (full legendary pvp SS + some crit def fusion), I wonder what stat i should boost to increase my damage output. I heard piercing is good but i was never able to find proof of it. anyone has some informations to share ? :) thanks
  6. It might be the worst possible daily challenge. please don t ruin my sundays :p
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