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Anyone else struggles ? Summoners and Sins

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Hello guys, for a long time ive been telling myself not to comment cuz im just not good enough in pvp as a FM ( forcemaster) 

But now after 8 months of pvping daily 4-5 hours a day (tags and 1v1) i believe im not really that bad and still im seeing some really stupid things in that game, mb you guys can gimme some advices to make it more clear.

First of all that summoner class i know all the basics, and i know my class should be good vs them, but well.... im failing all the time. That class has so many ressists, has cat that cc me all the time, has heal like HELL, its almost impossible to kill that class. Even in 3vs3 a summoner can hold my team for the rest of the match if hes teammates are dead and killing us slowly one by one. I dont have burst so i cant kill the cat,  like the bd, bm, sin, destro, kfm, sf.... well everyone i guess... even with ss (iframe) in reuse, and i freeze him + C and V (burn + meteor) + blazing beam, he gets hes ressists and my only burst is gone. That means hes again full hp even in few seconds... and im still lack of my best skills... 

Seconds - Sins. Well what about them, CC = tab, CC = lotus, then perma hide + ccs on me, some dmg, and go back to shadows, dmg = shadows, dmg = shadows, most of the time the round ends and hes dmg is ofc more than mine....

Oh i wont mention the block stun of the one button class BM... its not really op no ? 

Any advices ? Is there any1 struggles like me ?


P.S Sorry about my english, its not my mothers language...


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Summoners are good while your are bad, when you learn how to play it right, summoners need to be awessome to be relevant.

Not a FM player myself, but in order to play against it i did some research in the past and every FM PvP guide i saw they said summoners are one of the easiest matchups for you.

Is something about stationary veil with ranged immunity, the ice thing that recover HP abusing of the cat. Just sit under the veil and spam damage while they don't have petals up...

You should do some research yourself about this, can't help any further in this subject.


I am a SIN and KFM player and FM is again very, very, very, very favorable for FMs... Just Pew pew frost and half of our skills are disabled, just don't hit the wood block (when SIN does a circle with hands) and you will be good ¬¬ Just by hitting the FM it disables our charge skills...


You should only have that much trouble against BD, BM and a few godlike destros.


Do research, watch good players, Sums, SIN and KFM should be a free win for you

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The bad thing is that i cant just stay under the veil, cuz they have skills that penetrate it or the other case is they go to the other side of the arena, and heal to full, that means that im out of one of my best skills, and hes on full hp AGAIN.... 

Ive watched plenty of guides, streams, talked to the best streamers in EU and RUS servers ( they struggles vs them to ) and im doing my best, still my win rate is so low....

About sins, its not such a pain in the ass as far as he does not go in stealth mode ( u have a lots of skills to do that + accidental hit in the block is not rare after all ) in that mode i dont know why, but i can never hit him to go out of it... so all of hes CD`s are back, and he can come after me with everything he got... 

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