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  1. Yes every class can kill in a single combo, but if the target does not have tab. But the wl can kill you even if u have ur tab out of cd cuz u cant tab the air combo
  2. Well well, you are so touchy. Yes ive wrote everything that every1 said so far, and for your information i know how perma stealth works. There are at least 5 ways for a sin to go in stealth, thats more than enough for it to be in perma stealth actually. Also please be so kind and tell me that you have never hit into hes Q iframe, hes wood block or hes straw doll not even once, please tell me that so i can laugh till i die.
  3. Yeah i gave it a try, and i became gold in 2 hours with summ lvl 36, 3 hours with wl lvl 45, 2 hours with sin lvl 28, 3 days with sf hm6 without hm skills, 2 weeks with fm with all hm skills, 3 days with bm without any hm skills. So, hell yeah the OP classes are shown. On the other side, im not saying that summs/scumms are OP in higher gold ladder (if u dont have in mind KellyQQ and few else, that are just IMMORTAL) but they are sooo annoying in the lower gold and silver, a lot of my friends are not enjoying the arena cuz of the thousands of ppl spamming the arena with summoners lo
  4. Hello Naisui, i see you have checked my profile, looks cool nah ? So let me first say, that i have not logged to my FM since the revamp. I have played it for a long time, and it was a real journey to bring that class in the gold ladder. Indeed its stronger now, but still, it stays in the lower ranks in the pvp ladder, mb because its a hard to master class, needs a lot of precision and low ping so you can be a good one. I am currently playing another class and i have come across fms, they are actually easy to beat and easy to be catched off guard. If you want me to be honest, i left the g
  5. Where is the balance in summoner class ? Where is the balance in assassin class ? Where is the balance in warlock class ? Where is the balance in BD class ? Why those questions ? Well, let me explain it one by one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summoner - locked in a combo ? IMPOSSIBLE ! few escapes + all the cat ccs can interrupt any good combo against them, that means u are out of ur best
  6. The bad thing is that i cant just stay under the veil, cuz they have skills that penetrate it or the other case is they go to the other side of the arena, and heal to full, that means that im out of one of my best skills, and hes on full hp AGAIN.... Ive watched plenty of guides, streams, talked to the best streamers in EU and RUS servers ( they struggles vs them to ) and im doing my best, still my win rate is so low.... About sins, its not such a pain in the ass as far as he does not go in stealth mode ( u have a lots of skills to do that + accidental hit in the block is not rare a
  7. Hello guys, for a long time ive been telling myself not to comment cuz im just not good enough in pvp as a FM ( forcemaster) But now after 8 months of pvping daily 4-5 hours a day (tags and 1v1) i believe im not really that bad and still im seeing some really stupid things in that game, mb you guys can gimme some advices to make it more clear. First of all that summoner class i know all the basics, and i know my class should be good vs them, but well.... im failing all the time. That class has so many ressists, has cat that cc me all the time, has heal like HELL, its almost
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