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  1. I used to spend some money on this game too, to be honest i got some troubles with my credit card, because i was so addicted to this game at a point i was spending more than i should, we talking about hundreds of dollars, i have participated in every trove / RNG (scam) boxes since i played this game, just to realize i was still a mid geared player, no matter how much money i spent i still need to pay a premium membership and do the same things a non premium had to do, with no real rewards, now i got it, like when Neo on the movie awake from the Matrix, i just awake now and i'll tell you guys,
  2. This is the best thing we all can do now, hard words won't make they do things working as they should, but less people playing means less potential money, and money is the only thing that will make things work, why we should respect and put money in a company which don't respect us as costumers?
  3. Learn mechanics of a dungeon that actually don't have a hard mode anymore? what a nonsense statement.
  4. That would be useful, when i said anything, i meant it. Even a 5% movespeed buff for 1 second, just make it something =D
  5. I think this is a way to "force" whales to play with mere mortals... no more clique farm. Put some newbies on it and be nice!
  6. Yeah, sometimes i can get a nice profit with elysian, moonstone bundles and often 10g at daylie boxes, got a nice ammount of pet pods this far, specially for the additional 3 from each DC + the Stews from Weekly Dcs... The only real problem is that takes so long to do it all sometimes that when it comes to play the main itself im so tired already and just want to get it done so i can alt+f4 and sleep =[
  7. Wow, thats a great insight. I was doing some math, and unless i missed something Raven is about 2~3k Expensivier than Dawn, and taken in consideration the amount of parties and stuff you can get into having Raven over Dawn i think it might pay itself over time... About the badges im farming solar with alts and i'll buy the boxes and send them over, only a couple weeks and i can get them. The gems, already have it. The only pain will be the bracelet and the void stones. Thank you very much for this insight.
  8. So, there is A LOT of grinding is this game, and its impossible to do everything at once... Got my weapon to Bale 12, now comes the doubt Do i drop it at Raven 3 and go for Accessories, Soul, Pet, Badges, etc., Or IGNORE all this and go Dawn 9>Raven>Aransu? One thing is certain, i can't do it all at the same time =[ So Raven 3 + Accessories + Pet + Soul or Aransu alone?
  9. But how many alts is that? I don't have a clan cuz i was unable to sit at the same class for long, now i can. I Have no clue what clan stuff there are to do, and how profitable/fun they are =[
  10. I have a problem, every month i have a new "main", spend thousands on a character, get bored and create a new one. But FINALLY i think i found one fun enough... But now i have this "problem" I have 7 Alts around 920~1k AP and it takes me about 2~3 Hours every day just for completing the Daylie and Weekly Challenges... It is worth keep doing it, or this time dedicated on a single main character farming stuff will grant me more profit? There are any benefits to have many alts? Thanks in advance!
  11. They are True Oathbreakers already, but i can't remember how many stages are left, when i saw the silverfrost transformations stones i got worried =D
  12. Im back after about a year and still have some old hongmoon accessories on some alts. But, i can't see the upgrade path anymore, and for sure is not the same... and i can't do the material calculation to know how much it will cost if i upgrade them all to scorpio and salvaging then mailing to the main and see if is cheaper than just buying the legendary elements... please any of you ppl have done or have any friends who did it? Does it still worth? Thanks in advance!
  13. Yeah, feels better. This way its possible to use Lunar slash 2 times instead of one, since the Phoenix buffs lasts for so long. Hope when i get that badge that buff Five point strike it becomes even better the uptime of conflagration. Thank you
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