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KFM (fire) - Seraph vs Baleful

Infi 86

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Hello dear gamers!


As KFM player since game release i would like to ask you about current situation about legendary upgrade for our dear class. I like to use more fluid fire build all the time and it's a shame that when you upgrade weapon to legendary grade it loses 20% comet strike bonus (that's a lot!). Currently with all hongmoon skills (available) and 630 AP, MSP 5 ss and green 500% AP badge) I can do around 80k damage with comet strike. Without 20% bonus it will be a lot lower amount.

Actually I'm thinking about legendary weapon. I did some research about Baleful additional damage output and it's not as much as it seems to be. On the other side - Seraph 50% CD reduction for leading palm can be something interesting (stack reset is myth here so I won't count that).

I would like to upgrade to legendary weapon stage 4 instant.

Can you share some ideas for legendary weapon for fire KFM? :)


Thx in advance

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