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  1. Aktualna strona gildii: http://lostheaven.enjin.com/ Kontakt w grze: Solsiczq, mieluxone, Infi (Kaname) zapraszamy :)
  2. Wyślę dziś zaproszenie do znajomych i porozmawiamy. Niemniej by dołączyć do gildii musiałbyś zmienić frakcję.
  3. Skills update? If they will smash fire KFM combo or DPS then I'm done with this game.
  4. Rekrutacja wznowiona pisać w grze na konto : Infi :)
  5. Since 20 minutes I have strange ping problems. Jumping like crazy to 1000+, freezing game for around 10 seconds. After 3 or 4 times - DC. Anyone with same problem?
  6. Here is my chart about hearts drop during valentine event. As you can see my RNG was bad for most all the time. Finally at the end i got 4 gems. https://i.imgsafe.org/851fee4399.png
  7. Hello dear gamers! As KFM player since game release i would like to ask you about current situation about legendary upgrade for our dear class. I like to use more fluid fire build all the time and it's a shame that when you upgrade weapon to legendary grade it loses 20% comet strike bonus (that's a lot!). Currently with all hongmoon skills (available) and 630 AP, MSP 5 ss and green 500% AP badge) I can do around 80k damage with comet strike. Without 20% bonus it will be a lot lower amount. Actually I'm thinking about legendary weapon. I did some research about Baleful addition
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