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Default Stance of Female Gon


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 Am i the only one who thinks it's ... absurd ? Why would anyone, even in virtual world stand like this ? It looks really bad, that's a fact.

 But apart from looking absurd, it's also too misleading. I used alteration once, deleted 2 characters which were above 50 ( Yeah,i feel stupid for doing so, but i just couldn't stand that. )

 On character creation no matter how you alter the sliders, when you look at your characters full proportion it gives an alien-like, robotic, android look on your characters face/head. Especially the part above the waist is just broken even if your character looks awesome in all other stances.

 It makes shoulder look too big/high, neck too short, head crazily close to chest. Basically, making the character look completely retarded. Thinking you will see your character in this stance for about %80 of play-time, you try to adjust all sliders for that stance ending up with a complete monster. Not to mention the extreme clipping that stance cause with upper arm and torso.

 I know it's pixel so they look different from different angles.But, this looks broken from every angle. 

 Look at these two photos. That preset may not appeal to your personal taste, i just wanted to show how broken it is. I also tried high rated presets from korean websites, all look broken in that stance.


 First one is the second stance which i find the most natural stance amongs others :



 Now the default stance we have, where she looks completely retarded :




 Jin female's stance for example is very good, why wouldn't gon stand as something like that ? I don't know how it is on other versions ( Cn,Kr ) , but i think this broken stance should be changed ... or completely be removed.

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