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  1. Do you know what's being abused most right now ? Being able to freely kick anyone on your own will in raids. Especially bt is completely cancer atm. After the first boss is dead, those kids evolve a completely different personality. They start to boss around, insult people and anyone who talks back gets kicked. This week i got kicked right before the raven king dead. He didn't like me but he needed my carrying so he waited till last boss' almost dead lol. Some another week i got kicked because i bid on a corridor key ... Right before the last corridor, leader kid says '' Keys are for
  2. Until i can switch my blade dancer's race to gon, i'm outta here ... you guys are seriously going overboard with this lyn-pampering project.
  3. Des can do it with hm block or by using their own iron plating. Otherwise, can't make it in time. Their tab-escape has long animation-lock, ss is a bit short and 2 has travel animation. Summoner & warlock don't need any i-frame as two of them have pets immune to knock back. Force master & gunner don't need i-frame as well because they can either just aerial themselves to dodge it or use tab+ss+range stun as their escape animations are short, ss and stun ranges are very long and fast ... You don't even walk a step with fm, just ss and '' 3 '' is already in range. Every
  4. Will you ever consider doing something about this ? ... or at least giving us a faster option to check for a bit of less frustration ? Wasting half an hour each time constantly leveling from 1 to 15 for more angery ? It's been 3 days, like 20 presets, even my working FM alt's preset becomes invisible after tweaking body a bit. I tried different combinations, had to change face/eye settings so many times that it looks nothing like i initially wanted to make anymore. Making a working one without completely destroying your character's face is rarer than a 3-star crit in trove. How come
  5. I always hit lfp on my new character, check f2's in lobby or cross server, leave and try again until i end up with some good geared ppl in party. I actually had to leave only a few times because most people with good gear just straight out hit lfp, like i do with my older characters. From what i observed ( in Jinsoyun ), only people with mediocre gear bother with recruiting. Lfp parties are mostly 2-3 decent / 3-4 plebs ... more than enough for fast run.
  6. Ok there is a lot of clipping going on everywhere in this game. But, seriously doing such dumb thing on a new Trove outfit ? People wouldn't trove enough if you didn't put a huge butterfly right into the characters' faces ? Remove this thing omg ...
  7. Same problem. I make hand size/lenght smallest on all my chars. Tried out on my jin's preset, it quite matches with her size. But, on my gon f ( who also has max negative hand size/length ) weapon looks so weird ... unnecessarily big.
  8. Got 5 on my both alts, but 6th slot doesn't seem like it will ever be unlocked. Still haven't made a warden, but i will just start out with stage 1 seraph on that one. Most people are already going on that route. Weapon is a waste with this non-sense rng gem slot thing. Why would anyone pay for those hammers when it's much more expensive than any stages of upgrade ... lol.
  9. Still spamming same assumption that i '' am '' complaining about the event ... Just lol. If you say '' You are complaining about the event '' then that means '' You think the event is bad '', where is the difference ? Read my reply to HateMe or don't w/e. If that is so '' old '' why does it cost 7k ? Why does it trigger you that much, me complaining about aprox 7k gold ? What are you complaining about ? It's obvious what you are struggling to achieve here. Hope '' ignore user '' option is working as intended. 'cos i don't really have time to re-explain myself over and over again fo
  10. Your definition doesn't quite fit with what i'm complaining about. There have been many things i threw fortunes to upgrade, which later on became event stuff, especially on my main. But, i don't complain about those. I don't think that you are sincerely trying to understand, but i explain once more again : I have never seen here or in any other game, same event stuff being re-launched so soon, with a short time interval as '' bait ''. Let's be honest, who would expect them to give away pets and souls again in such a short time ? If they wanted to help people catch up, what about the peopl
  11. Tried that. Thanks support for their kindness even though what they offered was a bit too beggarly compared to overall maths used. But, those guys at least seem to care, unlike development team or whomever spamming these events recklessly. I would be ok if i rushed to upgrade something when it was just released and enjoyed it for a while without it becoming free right after. I sucked up missing the event & upgraded mine normally as it's my problem. But, this now is totally slapdash.
  12. LoL, what ? Did i say event is bad ? What are you even talking about ? If you have some fortune telling channel, i should subscribe ... 'cos i can't really see how it was so '' obvious '' that they were going to re-launch an event with a short time gap just to cuck people that sucked it up & upgraded theirs normally after missing it.
  13. I think you should seriously do something about the stuff that has been upgraded just recently. Missing previous soul event, going from solak to true ascending just to hear that soul event is returning ... not even half funny.
  14. As an Earth Destroyer with Storm Dragon, i am glad that they give aransu as weapon skin. It shocks me seeing so much rant about raven & storm dragon skins when they look so cheap and ugly to me. I had to immediately alter the appearance on my alts whenever i upgraded to raven ( Fm, Bm, Sin ) It looks cheap ... like some toy instead of weapon. When i first upgraded to storm dragon from riftwalk on my des, i was like '' Wtf ? '' and had to use some looted weapon as skin since then. Compared to Seraph, Ascendant, Riftwalk, Aransu ... both Raven & Storm Dragon are cheap toys.
  15. Box is literally trash. It's like you fight 10 mins just for a common '' Treasure pouch ''. There is no reason to do it more than once a day ( For 2 daily scales ).
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