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Daily Dash resets?

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Okay I'm not fully sure what happened because I had to keep afking while waiting for my daily dash to reset.

Yesterday I rolled 1-1-4, today 1-2 then a 5 if I remember correctly. But when I did my last roll I noticed that the counter started from beginning and moved to 5. So I basically lost my today's first 2 and yesterday's 3 rolls....

Is it supposed to be like this or is this some kind of weird glitch?.... Does it matter which character I roll on? What happened?

I was really hoping to go around as many times as possible while the anniversary event lasts.

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3 hours ago, Zedonia said:

If you rolled 1-1-4 and 1-2 you landed on the first premium field. If you got the Option to advance to start there, you completed a full round. Check if that happened and if you got 20 coins in your daily dash mail.

Oh my sweet god, I really did! As I said I was half afk when I rolled and it actually happened like you said. The coins were in my mail! Thank you so much for pointing this out!!

Edit: I got the 7 days premium from the newsletter gift so I completely forgot about the premium field options since I didn't use those options before xD

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