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WL vs FM tips


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The only thing that heal Force Master efficiently nowadays is their stationary barrier which works by converting every resist they received into 1% HP recovery asides of 10% default recovery, which is also more effective fighting against range class due to range skills such as WL, not effective against melee however.


So it is not wise to attack them during this phrase unless you are using AoE skill which bypass the resistance mechanism. In short, if you keep giving them resisting status, they heal a lot.

Things you can do is either move away until the barrier is gone or using skills from either you or the Thrall to push them out of the barrier range. As mentioned above, using AoE skill to hit them, but risky since they could freeze themselves as well in order to receive additional HP recovery during the process.


Secondly, if they are using mobile barrier, they don't heal much in general and it has no healing mechanism asides of the default recovery. The only advantage using this is that they could move while resisting your auto targeting skills. Your nuke is AoE based, so yea, the barrier don't work against this.


Speaking as a FM, I hate fighting WL that uses time distortion or whatever it is called, more than Soulburn personally.

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