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  1. Show off your costume design !!!

    In my opinion, in the officially selected finalist category, I only prefer BlackMoon and The Divine Beasts, of course Golden Flower if its not that controversial.
  2. solution to this f2p vs p2w fiasco

    While your intention is positive but USD100 per month is absurd. The current state of this game do not worth that much per month, not even USD50 to start off with, I'm not referring to those effort gap between players, I'm referring to the core of the game itself, for one, the class balance system itself is non-existent, in a bad way of saying it, it's trash. So, if the core is broken and unimpressive nowadays, everything else will not get any further from being rotten. Really, the value isn't there at all, not to the point of being convincible. Secondly, depending on the economy of your country, to some demographics, USD100 is a lot, heck, I would be grateful and happy to accept USD100 donation per month just to ease myself a bit during University phrase currently, that's USD1,200 p.a., any idea of how much necessities I could've purchase in real life? Its fine for an entertainment medium to charge whatever pricing it wishes to be, but the MAIN QUESTION is, do the value proposition you offer to the consumer, worth the labelled price? In this case, no, its not. *Unless the majority of your targeted audiences are sheep to begin with*
  3. Want balance ?

    >FM OP >2017May /giggle.
  4. Who the hell care what kind of resources did they based on when the fact that their so-called judgement have always lead to a disastrous experience throughout the years, if anything that could be derived from those adjustments, that would be the 'judgement' they concluded are so freaking idiotic and on purpose for more than 5 years. And yeah, they do play their own game, maybe as those OP classes they boosted themselves.
  5. Some players' mindset: *My class finally got boosted, we deserve this OPness. My perception is the most precise of all, regardless of what the common statistic implies.* This is why balance in every kr mmo is so screwed, thanks to the likes of you.
  6. KR Force Master Changes

    Hard to execute. Without Cold Snap, we can't even use Ice Rain that often, it cost 3 focus per normal use, and the damage isn't that great without cold snap again. So without Fury, and 2 is basically only functional with Cold Snap, what the hell are we supposed to do during the cooldown of Z? Not to mention, Cold Snap is only 1 cast now, but enemy could easily get off the AoE, so much for the buff damage of Ice Rain. And then, when your 2 casting got interrupted, your attack per skill is slow as heck. By that time, a kfm could have -50% HP off your health and you did 10% to them. The only nice thing about this, is that its AoE instead of single target.
  7. KR Force Master Changes

    6v6 with this new ice build is a complete disaster.
  8. Don't try pvp

    "FM in new PvP got better" /giggle
  9. FM class after patch

    Nah PvP of this game is dead regardless what skill revamp they introduced, they simply just don't balance, its just that their definition of balance is greatly different to what we perceive. Anyway.. I just want to know if Asura Ember is still needed now for unlocking Dragon Char, or just wait until Skill revamp?
  10. Don't try pvp

    And fanboys still think its the best, still think balance exist. Don't make me laugh.
  11. Buff the FM already

    Unless you're a whale FM else, what you pretty much doing in 6v6 is healing yourself up and freeze tanking.
  12. Holy fk, I just recently got my BD to Lv50 few days ago and all I bloody did was utilizing golds given by the story quests itself and purchased a 28AP gem, and get myself to F8 (LFP mode on Avalanche Den, Awakened Necropolis, Lair of Frozen Fang, Gloomdross Incursion, Shattered Mast and Cold Storage, the accessories (Lucent/ Pinnacle) dropped from those 6 man dungeons itself destined to significantly boost your AP. Like heck, sometimes you get your desired accessories through your personal loot without the mean of engaging a bidding war. On top of that, I don't see how you will stay low 400 for a day. And your HM level at that time is so low that it will keep increasing in a short time and so do your AP. And I can't join Sogun and Nexus because system locked it due to my weapon requirement. All these LFP mode players are either newbies or alts, how can they be toxic just to you when they are on the exact same boat as you do? All they put on the chat is that they don't know how to beat the boss, they don't even aware of the 'AP' culture we have on the high tier. The only main concern here is those newbies don't have a good understanding towards the mechanism.
  13. Cost reduction for legendary weapon?

    As a 100% F2P player with Stage 6 Baleful weapon, these are the following list that you have got to aware of. In pre-cost reduction, 3 premium stones are required to go from True Scorpion Stage 10 to Baleful/ Seraph Stage 1. In pre-cost reduction, True Profane Stage 10 is required as an evolution weapon to go from Stage 2 to Stage 3. In pre-cost reduction, there aren't so many gold incomes sourcing from the dungeons given the updates aren't there yet inflation is high. In pre-cost reduction, essential materials are few times more expensive than what currently is. E.g. Frozen Stinger used to worth more than 2 gold each. In pre-cost reduction, Petal is considered as a rare drop and people used to bid golds for it. In post-cost reduction, players are accessible to more dungeons hence more gold sources and deflation is astoundingly real. In post-cost reduction, main weapon path prior to legendary stage has been modified repeatedly for ease of progression. E.g. Ivory route is so easy compared to the original path. In post-cost reduction, from Stage 4 to 6, you only required 1 Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone for each upgrade as opposed to originally two for each upgrade. I used to spent about 2,000 hard-earned golds accumulatively, just to upgrade my True Scorpion Stage 10 to Baleful Stage 2 and you don't see me complaining while preparing slowly for True Profane Stage 10. What's worse is that they announce a cost reduction on it after 2 weeks of my upgrade. And no, I didn't no life-ing. What topic you guys gonna make when you hit the wall of 3 Forging Orbs + 30 Honorary Ornaments for Stage 7?
  14. Best class on pvp 1v1?

    Not FM. Actually, don't pick this class for any form of PvP. You're better off with investing effort onto other classes and yield a better return than this class could offer generally.
  15. Cost reduction for legendary weapon?

    Cost cut for legendary weapons has already taken in place. Formally required 3 premium stones just for Stage 1, now you only need 1. Formally required a TRUE PROFANE weapon for evolving into Stage 3, now you only need a dungeon-drop weapon.