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  1. In my opinion, in the officially selected finalist category, I only prefer BlackMoon and The Divine Beasts, of course Golden Flower if its not that controversial.
  2. Depends eh, I'd think going for Photoshop, SAI etc are more efficient and effective in art making. Drawing in MS Paint is like, showing off the skill one process? But I bet it takes extremely long time to do so... As for the quality of a tablet, I think its just up to buyer's financial capacity. But yea, making good art doesn't necessarily need a top notch tablet. Wlop (a digital artist) for example, using a Wacom Intuos, I consider that a mid range tablet but is still capable of executing his art nicely. But then again, top notch tablets are often convenient and pleasing
  3. Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop etc. As for device, well I believe everyone who does digital art here is using a drawing/graphic tablet.
  4. Hmm, how do I explain, its just how the environment colour & light reflects on your skin.
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