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  1. That's sad... Anyway, thanks for info. Looks like i'll have to focus on my Current messy character :O
  2. i am not talking about Test server. When they release UE4, is it gonna be current game upgrade with servers (old servers) or gonna release as fresh server instead?
  3. So, i Loved B&S ever since i tried it on China's Beta testing. Was a Founder when it was released in the West, Quit few times, but keep on returning. So when they'll upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, will there be New Fresh Start server? Cause that would make sense if you want to attract new Playerbase. As trying to catch up with others is a nightmare in this game. And getting Carried over dungeons is no fun. I hope we'll get New servers, so i could start from scratch. Anyway, as a Returning player, Just want to state my opinion about Game in it's current state. Combat is fun and impactful, Art style and Costumes is awesome. that's the main reasons i keep on returning to this game. Game itself is great fun in general. But... Optimization... Well no point talking about that now. I just Hope UE4 will fix this, as B&S on 100fps feels awesome. Character Progression... That's probably the main reason i quit it all the time. I am not saying it shouldn't be grindy, but Hell it's confusing. And everytime i come back, it's even worse, as more items are introduced, And since you need different stuff to upgrade different gear, i feel lost and confused... I have nearly full inventory ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ knows what, for i don't know what those things are used for... I heard they gonna try to sort thing out in UE4 update? if anyone knows anything, that would be great P2W?... I still have fun playing the game, so that's not a big concern for me, but yeah, it does exist.
  4. Auction hause wont load

    And WTF is this? woke up today, and my skills are messed up, and can't change it. This really irritating, as i can't play like this. Before going to sleep, everything was fine
  5. Auction hause wont load

    I am not sure if it's only me, but Auction House doesn't load in. Tried re-log, restart pc, internet router (internet is fine) Not sure how to fix this. If anyone knows, please help.
  6. Best way to increase AP

    I don't want to make another Thread so gonna ask Here. I am returning player, and i am confused how to get at least 1.5k. This game always been full of Elitist players, and it makes game harder for newbies. Anyway, I don't know where to start... Where to get Pet Gems? Where to start with current Accessories? How to farm Gold? since you need tons to upgrade.. BTW, can't you change skill sets how it used to be, to fit your style? now i have 2 skill trees with few option...
  7. 6v6 arena

    There is many Topics in forums about this. Many peoples unhappy, And i have to agree. once i had team with less then 500AP and enemy team had all 700+AP and 1 850AP destroyer, so that was like 1 hit clown-fiesta. Matchmaking don't bother to "balance", it does work completely opposite. it's just put higher AP players on left side, and everything else on the other side. so if you are on "Left side" team you are more likely to win. I did rise few Tickets, and all they said that they'll think about my suggestions. NCsoft doesn't read Forums, and they don't care what people think. All they care that peoples still buy things and they get paid for doing absolutely nothing
  8. Galaxy Weapons after Feb 8 update

    Galaxy still better then my awakened Breeze. plus it cost less to upgrade then go all the way to Baleful. I do pvp a lot, and will upgrade Breeze eventually, but first i thought to focus on Jewelry then upgrade 2 weapons
  9. Galaxy Weapons after Feb 8 update

    Thanks a lot fro replies. I hope that it'll be another upgrade path. would be shame to lose all investment into galaxy :)
  10. Galaxy Weapons after Feb 8 update

    Sorry my bad, i meant Galaxy vs New Legendary weapons (Raven weapons), not pre-legendary HM. as i understang you gonna upgrade Baleful to Raven. to get more AP and more Effect. but if Galaxy doesn't get buffed, it's gonna be kind of useless "Evolve your Seraph or Baleful weapon into the new generation—the powerful Raven weapon!"
  11. So i was wondering what will happens with Galaxy weapons? I have Galaxy Stage 4 right now, but Since HM weapon gets further upgrade point, that'll be too big difference between maxed Galaxy and maxed HM weapon. I don't see any point to upgrade Galaxy weapon any further, but i have only Awakened Breeze weapon. Does Galaxy gonna get any buff or gonna be just useless and pointless piece of equipment in B&S?
  12. Fix the damn stuck in combat bug

    Im not sure if somebody is reading but just decided to wake up this thread. Cause bug isn't fixed at all. it still is there and nobody bothers to do anything. I did Rise a Ticket, but Team members seems know nothing about it and just think that i am stupid: Request #10461112"In Combat" status Bug Kairiozaki Yesterday at 00:16 Hello, More and more often people get stuck in "in combat" status. people can't use windstrides and have to use escape option which have 30 min cooldown, or change they can't change skill tree. Very Poor. fix it ASAP please. Many Thanks GM Venus Yesterday at 04:42 Hello, There may be other issues that is causing you to be in combat, I suggest to clear all the mobs in the instance before going to the boss. There could have been a mob that your party aggro’d before going into the boss fight. If the enemy couldn’t get to you, it may have maintained “combat” mode until the lingering mob reset. If the issue still persist, please let us know. Regards, GM Venus NCSOFT Support Team Kairiozaki Yesterday at 12:43 It does happens all the time. you clear all the mobs and you are not in combat before boss, but after you kill boss you stay in combat and have to use escape function which does have 30 min cooldown. sometimes it does happens 2 times in the dungeon, and you are stuck. it's not a first time, it does happens all the time. it's not a mobs left, it's something in the system. it was like that a year ago and still same crap. nothing been done. Bugs everywhere in this game GM Ariestaurus Yesterday at 14:01 Hi again, Please be aware that your character must not have status effect of mobs and bosses. For example Poison etc. It's the common cause why characters are still on combat mode even if the combat is finish. Hope you understand. Kind regards, GM Ariestaurus NCSOFT Support Team They don't even bother to fix the problem, trying to blame other factors and not the game system. Trying to runaway from any extra work they should do
  13. WL vs FM tips

    Hello, I am WL player, and have some problems facing FM in arena. Freeze, bubble and ressist drives me mad. Any tips from higher rated players? Many Thanks
  14. Hello, I'm Sure this thread was discussed many times. And i'm sure NCsoft doesn't care about that as long people keep on paying money. Every time i join 6v6 battleground all i can see, that 1 team is in pure advantage of level, equipment and classes. Many times saw that 1 team have all players with HM10+ peoples with AP 700+, and other team, well maybe 1 HM10 person if they are lucky. Or 6 summoners against mixed classes. Matchmaking doesn't even bother to match up Teams regarding equipment, and level. which is the biggest factor in 6v6 battleground. All it does, Take all high level Peoples and put in 1 Team, And everything what's remaining into another Team. So therefor, you can rarely see even match. So my suggestion, that Matchmaking should keep in check and segregate EVENLY on both Teams, Peoples by Level, AP rating And Class not just by Battleground Rating. That's what's called BALANCE in other games who have more fair matchmakings. I saw suggestions to make AP caps, for lower AP and higher. But that would increase Que time. What i suggest something like this: 1st Team Have 6x HM10 and 2nd team Have 6x HM8 players (HM10 AP should be higher cause they spend more time in game) So after Matchmaking should be: 1st 3x HM10 3x HM8 and 2nd 3xHM10 3x HM8 This would allow to get more BALANCED teams, more even matches, Better experience in battleground, and more challenging gameplay. Not just poor RNG with massive frustration, and smashed keyboard. I know many people wouldn't like it, but those people with 750+AP smashing low levels in battleground wouldn't be happy about any fixes Thanks for Reading Kai