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Returning player - few questions


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Hi there, I just came back after quite a long brake and there is heck of a lot of new content. So, here are the questions:

1) Did sin got any significant changes? I was playing perma stealth back then.

2) Is sin welcome in new dungeons, or maybe other classes are favoured? 

3) Did SSP got any better for sin?

4) Anything i should know after such a long brake? (I stopped playing shortly after Chi master release)


Extra questions, since i have same lvl FM:

*Is FM still the best dps? 

*Is ranged >> melee still for PvE?

The reason why I'm asking is that I'm kinda torn between Sin and FM. I feel like sin suits me better, but on the other hand the OPnes of FM and dem bewbs >.<

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  1. Massive buffs to Lightning and Shadow Sins, extra quality of life stuff.
  2. Assassins are literally required in Ebondrake Citadel and Naryu Foundry. Plus there's no reason to deny an Assassin given their immense utility.
  3. Terrors got nerfed, so fighting them is much more managable.
  4. Lots of equipment cost reductions, new content, etc.
  5. FM is still top tier, although BM and WL have significantly risen as well. Sin is still top tier.
  6. Ranged is still advantageous (and seemingly boring to play as).
  7. FM didn't get any drastic buffs, they did receive sizable nerfs toward their self-healing.
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