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Crafting and Gathering Guilds

Yun Hwah

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Hello fellow BnS players!


I'm fairly new to the forum and have been playing BnS since June of this year. I main warlock and is currently a level 50 HM 4. I have a question regarding Crafting and Gathering. I am currently in alliance with Forgekeeper and prospect union and have been since starting the game.  After a while and learning a thing or two about crafting I started playing other characters and joined different crafts which are pretty straightforward. But for forgekeeper, what else can I do with this craft other than crafting hammers? What are illusion weapons used for? I'm debating on whether I want to drop this guild and join new ones.


Thank you guys in advance!

(P.S. Sorry if there has already been a question like this answered, I'm still trying to figure out the website)

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