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FPS drops during combat on Win10


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Lately I tried to upgrade from win7 to win10 to see if I can get more fps in BnS. When Iam in dungeon out of combat I have around 40-50 which is increase from 20-30. When Iam actually fighting then each 5s I got freeze for 1s. What could be a problem?


I already tried solution without any effect:

- minimize all graphic settings to minimum

- remove GeForce Experience

- set affinity and priority on Client.exe and GameGuard

- Disable WindowsDefender

- Disable antyviruse

My specs:

Dell Inspiron 5000 series

IntelCore i5 5200U 2,2GHz duo


NVidia GeForce 840M

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Open your Task Manager and check how much does the game utilize on the Performance tab. If you constantly hit 100% on CPU then it means you need to get a better one because so far it needs at least 2.6GHz to load everything up from my experience. I don't see anything wrong on the graphics card as you can see from the one I use.


Also, try to set your Power Options to Balanced if you haven't done that yet.

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