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  1. Official Wikipedia/Database

    I didn't say they're supposed to be creating articles on how to do the mechanics. This is why there should be an official part in the forums where players can post theirs. You probably did not understood the rest of the sentences I posted. I appreciate you linking these sites but didn't I say that the GUIDES/ITEM DATABASE MUST BE POSTED HERE? I don't even see these sites being "officially" added here so I'd consider them as player/fan-made information. @paingwar Thanks for quoting that, I knew there's an existing thread about it but I can't find exactly where.
  2. I hope this would be taken to consideration. Some sort of a Guides forum must be created where players can also post there so you know, instead of giving LMGTFY to others, why not just link back here? The guides posted are pretty much outdated and scattered everywhere plus we don't have an official item database.
  3. And you believe that it's always a connection failure that's why the player gets disconnected? Pls. I've had enough people who sounded ignorant but you cannot give the benefit of the doubt all the time. As you have said, NCSoft knows what happened based from the error code. But do they know what's beyond that? Of course not. Disabling your adapter on Windows is just few clicks away.
  4. reasons of a newbie to quit

    I doubt he's still reading this and if he is then...
  5. White Day costumes

    They aren't considered as events here but they release the costumes regardless. Even if ours is not even a Chinese server, we do have Chinese community playing here.
  6. White Day costumes

    The white day costumes I know have already been released (Love treat set or something) which was part of the Valentine's day event. All what's left is White Hot. The other one for guys, I doubt it'll be released because it's not even on the wardrobe.
  7. I would be damned if I say either way so bottomline is do NOT dare to enter the end game content until everything is synced or somewhere near the KR updates. You've been told multiple times not to rush but you still end up QQing here. Don't get me wrong here, you. I do understand releasing this after trove is extremely frustrating. And for those talking about being able to use the end-game content earlier than the others, SO WHAT? Does gaining more gold and equipment give you WAY more advantage than others? Like what? You can start AFK-ing and troll? I would care less if these newer dungeons are available. We're still behind the updates. Just save and don't be tempted to upgrade. You'll end up heartbroken if you do so.
  8. Something tells me that your disk is full, sir. Maybe it's time to do a cleanup. If not, it would be awesome if you translate the error for us.
  9. They reply to my tickets in a timely manner but there was a time I had to bring up my frustration towards their billing system. They were very understanding on that part and I have no other issues toward their support. P.S. Don't flood the ticket if you want your issue to be addressed asap. They did mention from the site that after you submit a ticket and reply to it will put the ticket back to their queue meaning the timer is reset. They don't take more than 24hours to handle the first response so wait for their reply before you can respond again. I've been seeing complaints like this so it's strange since mine do not take that long.
  10. I buy the fan from the NPC near Naryu Lab's entrance.
  11. The RNG in this game freakin sucks

    By the time you reach level 45-ish you get the Ivorymoon weapon that you can upgrade until True Ivorymoon. You can, of course, continue upgrading to turn it to a legendary weapon but yes, this will require you to farm for the weapons but this is easy since you get to see more players farming at F8 while getting more rewards than the blue, low-level dungeons.
  12. Sooo... what's the catch?

    Not all businesses think the same way as to how they want to earn money so if you don't like it or think that's it's not necessary then it's your call.
  13. Sooo... what's the catch?

    If you feel that the game is pay to win just 'cause the game has options for you to progress faster then swiping your card is still your choice. I didn't say buying outfits with real money or pay for additional space are counted as "Pay to Win." If you think that NCSoft giving options to progress as BS then I guess you have to wake up, dude. Nothing is for free because NCSoft gotta pay their bills so you can play. And if you stick to being F2P, goodluck on competing with many others who are willing to support the game through real money. I do not want to see you being salty about not being able to get things swipers get so easily in the future. Oh and if you think they should stick to selling outfits, why should we all then pay for a premium subscription? This is NOT a chatting game.
  14. Sooo... what's the catch?

    It's the players who think NCsoft don't listen to them but if you've been playing since beta there were lots of changes applied in the past months. Little by little, the NA/EU version is becoming a bit different from other regions too. I'm not gonna add more to that but mods are there.. I would understand they don't reply that much since everything here is opinionated. Pay to progress is by choice not by force unless you feel pressured by your peers. NCSoft is a business that also need money to maintain the game after all so it's obvious they will also give these options.
  15. Legendary Weapon BM

    I've used Seraph from Stage 1 to 5 but I barely got the aggro until I switched to Baleful. The HP recovery works especially when you stay in front of the boss but having more players running with higher AP than you, you have to outdps them with dragontongue.