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  1. Why do I keep on seeing posts like this with TS not showing any information about his location, specs and ISP?
  2. I have a friend living in Brazil. He doesn't play this game but he is also having a hard time connecting to our VPN located at the southern part of NA. This is an issue with the ISP and something that cannot be controlled by NCSoft. Hence it's better to connect through a VPN that goes directly to NA. I wouldn't recommend WTFast at this point after experiencing chat issues while connected through their servers. This is when miscommunication issues happens.
  3. I can't agree enough. I'm trying to be patient on this with other newbies from level 45-HM6 but sometimes even HM8-10 don't even know what they're doing. How in the world were they able to reach at that level without knowing anything? LOL. But yeah, if there are people who don't know the mechanics, I guess someone should try creating a sticky thread with the list of helpful guides out there so they don't get buried from all the non-sense post. Kappa.
  4. I guess this only happens on certain Nvidia cards. Can you tell us the rig you use? Just the card would be fine too.
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