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Costume help please!!


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I really NEEEEEED a noice Tuxedo for my warlock character, he would look so good but idk where I can find one. Is there a website detailing all the items/costumes in blade and soul I could visit, or could you just tell me where to find a tuxedo? I need one badly.


Also, is it possible to change your hair-style? I think that should be like the one personal/character bound trait you should be able to change; Ive seen you can buy diff hair in store but not that many. Is there like a hair stylist you can visit and change your hair back and forth from the character creation selectable hair?


All comments appreciated unless they are unappreciated. :)

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Rather than a website, you could use the ingame wardrobe to preview almost all the cosmetics ingame on your character.

The default hotkey for it's F3 iirc ~


Tuxedo like outfits off the top of my head would be 

Devotion - http://bns.mmo-fashion.com/devotion/

Gentleman - http://bns.mmo-fashion.com/gentleman/

Lover Boy - http://bns.mmo-fashion.com/lover-boy/


I'm sure there's more but i've no male characters atm so idk ;o


Most headgear pieces also change your hairstyle to go along with them however if you want your base hairstyle changed you prolly need to get a character alteration coupon thingy and redo change it via the character creation screen thingy.

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You can preview items from F3 but many of those Hongmoon Store, Event or Misc section items has already appeared and left the system. You can though check dungeon dropped outfits but I don't recall any of them being tuxedo.


There is no stylists so all the hairs you can have now are the ones you can see in F10 or F3 within the regions (Viridian, Cinderlands, Moonwater and Siverfrost).

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