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Tips for WL PVP?


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Hey peeps, I've been trying to do arena with WL and have been on a major losing streak- I'm lucky enough to get a 2 win streak. I know that WL is kinda tricky since we only get 2-3 IFrame skill. I've been having trouble against LBD and Destroyers. I don't have any HM skill except for Dragoncall/Helix. So, I'm wondering if there is any tips I could get for PvP.

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I could probably use some tips against LBDs myself, but destroyers I can help with. I can usually do a pretty good job beating them up, but it does help that I also play destroyer myself so I know the cooldowns for most of their skills offhand. 


First of all, the thing to watch out for on destroyer is getting stunlocked and 100-0 animation canceled.  Try to save your 2 escape or or thrall swap in case you get caught in that set-up. If you're stunned while stuck in an Emberstomp AOE you are dead. Although 2-ing out of thier grab is tempting, you might be better off eating the punches from it if you don't have your thrall out with the 3 swap as a backup. Pretty much all of their throws and attacks to end a grab are counter-able or can be f'd out of so other than pure damage and debuffs it's not as likely to lead right to your defeat. Unlike a LBD that like to follow up grabs with electrical death. Although for either of those classes, if you're in 3v3, 6v6 or open world blow your escape if you're outnumbered or someone tags in because those restrain tag-teams are lethal. 


Learn to recognize the animation for searing and scorching strike.  It's an Iframe where they do a single diagonal axe spin upwards from the ground. Hitting it will let them follow up with an approach skill (Which ignores the 'block approach skill effect) that knocks you into the air, but you can block it with quell. If they're quick on the uptake they might try to grab you after you block the approach but you can usually land a repulse or ss as soon as they land on you so they don't get the chance. 


Try to save one of your guard break skills to break their stone shield to stop their heals. There's 3 available depending on how you spec. There is a HM skill for an unbreakable shield, but it's not commonly used because it's the offal skill which is still quite expensive. You can still fight through an unbreakable shield with stage 2 dragoncall or stage three wingstorm or any other block piercing skill. (You're not really gonna be able to hit them from the back unless your thrall is already in position. (If they're dumb enough to use the shield with the thrall behind them, then that's the perfect opening for onrush) 


A lot of their skills are quite slow and are easily parried with a stage 2 quell. Naturally this requires some practice and at least half-decent ping. 


And how to put a stop to spin-2-win beyblades: First of all, spec whatever you can that pierces parry. If they have the parry blue spin speced you can just keep blasting them right through it without getting stunned. For the red spin, the key thing is getting the hell away, asap. Almost every destroyer being cheezy with it has the CC immune variant on, which can also stun you if it hits you 5 times. It chews through focus though, and they have to stop doing it to use an approach skill (Which will then put it on CD). SS and run away, Put a point or two into return for the move speed bonus too. Try not to let them spin on your thrall either unless it's about to die anyway or you can use the distraction to cast a dragon-call or something, because they'll get focus off of it. If you can get out of range just keep running away while pecking at them with ranged attacks and they'll be forced to stop. If you're backed into a corner and are stuck in the spin, if you can at least drop a Sanctum you can reduce the damage and prevent getting stunlocked into the spin, so you can position yourself to SS out of it .


You can also just focus starve them out of spin spamming, but the only method WL has to do that is the stage 3 HM bombardment from the volume 3 skill book. Which is really only marginally useful for arena and nowhere else given that in open world literally the entire playerbase has weapons that 100% their focus on random hits so trying to focus starve opponents is kind of a silly waste of time. 



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