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Restrain status not aplied with soul badge


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As title says with soul badge which increase grab duration by 2 sec restrain effect is not applied even tho target still stays in grab status for these 2 extra seconds. As skill description now says "Restrain enemy in Grab status" which means restrain should be in effect as long as target is grabbed.

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6 hours ago, NotALoli said:

I hope you know Restraint is only a 5 second buff it clearly says so once you grab a person or npc no matter how long to increase the duration of the grab.

If it would be a buff i could drop mob once grabbed and use long division myself which is not. So either skill description is misleading or it doesn't work as it should. Also it is 6 sec countdown once you grab enemy not 5 sec (your ping too high to notice this I guess) since grab last 6 sec without any boost.

According to you if you would be right, grab skill description should be like this



But on grab it is like this, meaning target is restrained as long as he is in grabbed state.



And in action it looks like this with this bug



Still in Grab - no restrain



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