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  1. for launcher I un-installed and re-installed and it worked fine but this support ticket is rather annoying, am I like supposed to Email a gm or something?
  2. I was told by other people in game that it might be my browser but after trying several browsers I still can't open a support ticket nor view my previous tickets if possible I'd like some assistance or least an explanation on why i can't do this.
  3. but i haven't been able to submit a ticket for the longest time so i never really bothered since i though they'd fix it but i guess not so i'm asking on forums now X_X.
  4. So why is it whenever i try to make a ticket it keeps reverting me back to my account info page? If some gm is out there would you please help me out.
  5. I dunno about you all but all the premium members and those who bought the founder packs definitely deserve it.
  6. more like servers haven't been paid for and trove is here to pay for them.
  7. it's not our *cricket* ISP, ISP dosn't change every time they update a patch where the ping gets worse and worse........
  8. Time to quit tried to do daily 1vs1 match in arena dc'd 4 times in a row lost 100 points tried to afk in muushins tower for 5 mins dc'd again ported to ssp dc'd once I got there yup all this within a span of 30 minutes I don't know about you guys but if servers are like this come Wednesday I'm out my entire guild is gonna quit and about half of Poharon NA server is gonna quit so best of luck NcSoft enjoy all the charge backs from all your paypal users in the upcoming days.
  9. good luck with that I'm in East coast getting 300-800 ping and it's not even my internet it seems your better off than me.
  10. I wish you had common sense NcSoft won't add shit because it's not there game it belongs to BloodLust all they do is google translate things and copy it over.
  11. Lets Fix the Ping Problem first because every1 will quit at this rate because NcSoft is cheap using level 3 servers...
  12. Before the Beluga patch I was anywhere from 150-300 Ms now I'm anywhere from 200-2k ping it's not my ISP it's this game and it's been a *cricket* problem since day one so let me ask NcSoft when do you guys plan on fixing this because your company is gonna go bankrupt once Revelation Online is released at this rate more and more players are quitting every day because ping issues for NA. While EU complains about not getting 20ms we can't even get less than 300 like honestly I could be playing across the damn world and get 300 but guess what I'm in America to be exact the East coast and the serve
  13. well because ring comes out next week why would they quit but honestly no one in cross server does tomb anymore drop rate sucks and when you do fine a tomb and see other people with knecklace there like yeah man I got it on my second run for 200g like really I've done this shit over 100 times and havn't even seen it and your gonna tell me this sin with awakend scorp wep got it on his second run........
  14. Honestly the RNG in this game is beyond stupid over 100 runs in tomb I've never seen the bloody necklace and with ring coming out next week I have to grind both dungeons now and guess what no-one even does desolate tomb anymore because it's incredibly stupid we waste 20 mins or so a run for what 5 stingers and a 1g split ornament if that and maybe a stone of wisdom no1 needs. Simple Solution if NcWest wants to keep their game alive add the legendary accessories to achievement merchant for 1k gold or something since it's a legit gold dump to remove gold from game instead of stupid events like t
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